XP Pinpointer Holster

XP Pinpointer Holster

Your Pinpointer will always be at your fingertips.

The XP Pinpointer Holster, allows you to wear your Pinpointer on a belt or strap so you have it permanently at hand. Its rotating base plate allows you to position the probe to a position that suits, ideal when walking or bending down to recover a target.


Other accessories

Pinpointer strap
Pinpointer lanyard

The lanyard is a safety precaution so you do accidentally not lose your pinpointer while detecting.


MI-4 / MI-6 support for XP stem.

XP Backpack 280

The unique backpack specially designed for metal detectors.

Pelicase XP case
Pelicase XP Case

Pelicase is the legend of the all-terrain suitcase, tested for decades in every corner of the globe.

XP Transport Case
XP Transport Case

The perfect accessory for storing and transporting your XP detector.

XP MI-4 Pinpointer
Pinpointer MI-4

The MI-4 is a traditional pin pointer, designed to be used by all detectorists at an attractive price, the MI-4 has the same specifications as the MI-6, without the DEUS / ORX radio connection.

XP MI-6 Pinpointer
Pinpointer MI-6

The MI-6 is the first pinpointer on the market to offer wireless connectivity to your XP DEUS II, DEUS or ORX detector.