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XP Deus WS6 - Become the master !

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This short article covers the WS6 master and how to navigate the menu for the first time.

The WS6 module, also known to many as “the puck” the WS6 mudule is basically an XP Deus II RC in miniature, it offers most of the RC functions, but they are accessed in a slightly different way due to its size.

The WS6 has a full menu with some expert features, which are all accessed by using short or long button presses. The display tells you when a long press is needed, by showing a much bolder indication triangle (arrow), and the reverse arrow indicates a back feature, where you can return to a previous screen.

It may sound a little complicated at first, but with all things new, repetition is the easiest way to learn.
Here I am going to show you how to make a simple tone change to the General program.
Once in the said program press the lower right button to access the main menu.

You should see the discrimination feature, if not scroll around until it becomes visible, on your way around you will see common features such as the reactivity and sensitivity plus lots more.

Now you need to access the Discrimination EXPERT menu, this is done by a longer press on the bold arrow.

Now you will see the tone menu showing 3 tones, let’s say you want to use 2 tones, all you need to do is press the minus key to move from 3 to 2 tones, also if you want to access other tones such as pitch and full tones, press the plus key to scroll through the tone menu.

OK now we are in 2 tones, what if we want to change the second tone pitch to a higher tone?
Simply press and hold the corresponding arrow to access the tone EXPERT menu and you will see the first tone 221 and the tone breaks.

Here you only have 2 choices – Go back or move forward, press the arrow to move forward until you see the second tone, then you can make tone pitch changes using the plus and minus keys.

Once finished, keep pressing the back key until you reach the detect screen.

By pressing the bottom left button you can access another menu where you can save your custom programs into an empty memory slot.


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