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The smart way to find coins with a metal detector

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The smart way to find coins with a metal detector

This article is mainly targeted towards those new to the hobby or those thinking about buying their first metal detector.
I always recommend that simple coin shooting is the best way to engage in the hobby and certainly the fastest way to learn your new metal detector.

Please be aware, this is a beginners guide and these methods are certainly not something I would recommend using if searching an ancient site, not unless you are specifically looking for the bigger targets.

Older coins are typically high conductors

In order to fast track your coin hunting journey, you need to first understand a little about target conductivity.
The metal detector does not know what is a coin, Gold ring, foil, etc. It identifies all targets based on their conductivity.
For example: Most foil has a low conductivity, Ring pulls, and certain coins have a mid-conductivity and most large coins have a high conductivity.

A Roman high conductive target

Once you understand a little more about the desired targets you can then set your metal detector the be more bias towards them.
As the title suggests, what is the smart way to find coins with a metal detector?
I strongly suggest you start with the easiest task….searching for highly conductive coins.
This is where a professional metal detector will really make your life easier, here I am using the XP ORX because it has a nice big target ID screen and tone identification.
With this combination, highly conductive coins will.
A : Give a high number.
B : Give a high tone.
There is also a third method of attack and that is the audio response, XP machines are renowned for giving excellent audio information regarding target depth and size….. Shallow targets will sound loud, deep targets will sound noticeably quieter.
C : Audio information.

Big numbers on the ORX screen along with a high tone.

Once you become confident with your metal detector, you can then start to explore the mid tones, which are the mid conductive targets, these targets will not always be junk, such as ring pulls and foil, be aware many small coins and jewellery will fall into this range.

A massive Roman coin from Hadrian +93 target ID

Watch our 2 part video demonstrating the Smart Way To Find Coins and indeed showing the XP ORX in action over on the XP YouTube channel.
Part 2 has some nice surprises.

Gary Blackwell


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