Paul Bancroft finds silver coins and artefacts

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I just thought I would share a few finds with you from my fields here in the UK. Most of my searching is carried out in the county of Wiltshire being close to home and more importantly rich in ancient history.

The following finds were all with the original Deus and why not it is tried and tested over many years so I was wanting to reacquaint myself with my old friend after using the Deus II since its launch.

All the finds came from one farm over a few visits on a predominantly roman area and using the 11” X35 coil.

The silver coin is a limes Denarius of Septimus Severus c 193-211 AD.

The following day I found 2 Bronze Follies one of Maximinus c 286-305 AD and the other of Diocletian c 284-305 AD both close together and will warrant another search as soon as the crops are off. Worth noting these were both deep coins.

Over the years I have found 100s of brooches and so have become one of my favorite artefacts to find.

The first and best of this group is the Plate brooch with pin intact minus the stone with gold gilding still visible. This dates to the 2nd century AD.

The small silvered brooch also Roman, dates to the 2nd century AD which is a molded disc type.

I often find broken or fragmented brooches and whilst many are from the destructive forces of farm machinery it was common practices amongst the romans to deliberately break and distort them, and then discard as a votive offering to their gods, both of these shown in my hand may well be the result of the latter.

Thank you for looking and whether you’re a Deus or the new Deus II user you're in good hands...
Paul Bancroft


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