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How is the device powered? Are the charger and batteries supplied? Can you recharge all three elements (headphones, remote control and coil) at the same time?

PostPosted: Mon Sep 28, 2009 1:47 pm
The search coil, remote control and headphones are all powered by identical lithium polymer batteries. These miniatures, high-capacity batteries can be recharged quickly.
The power adaptor supplied, enables all three elements to be charged simultaneously when used with the USB/3 mini-B cable, also supplied.

Batterie life:
Wireless headphones: 21 Hours
Remote control: 21 Hours
Coil: 9/10 Hours on average (see table)

The search coil’s battery life may vary depending on the modes used. The table below shows battery life according to frequency and power selected.

Frequency 18kHz power at 1 = 14Hours
Frequency 18kHz power at 2 = 10Hours
Frequency 18kHz power at 3 = 8Hours 45mins

Frequency 12kHz power at 1 = 13Hours 30mins
Frequency 12kHz power at 2 = 9Hours
Frequency 12kHz power at 3 = 8Hours

Frequency 8kHz power at 1 = 13Hours 30mins
Frequency 8kHz power at 2 = 9Hours
Frequency 8kHz power at 3 = 8Hours

Frequency 4kHz (fixed power) = 7Hours 30mins

Our retailers will offer numerous optional charging accessories, including a charger that plugs into a car cigarette lighter.
There is also a miniature field charger powered by just a single 1.5 volt AA battery, which enables the detector to be partially charged (40 to 60%) in just 25 to 40 minutes – very practical!