You want to keep your DEUS remote control safe? Protect it!

XP now propose 2 different protections to protect your remote control against humidity, scratches and shocks.

The silicon protection:

Specially designed to match with the curves of your remote control, this protection is essential against daily assaults. Handy and supple this second silicon layer absorbs naturally all collisions. At the front it covers and protects the LCD screen and its thinness guarantees a perfect handing of the keyboard. At the back, the layer has been specially shaped to preserve a good use of the remote control on the stem and also restitute a clean sound.

Our advice for the maintenance: To guarantee an optimum reading of the screen and reduce the static effects, we advise you to clean the silicon layer with soapy water.

Available under the reference D08CASE, suggested price is 13.04€.

The armband:

The bag of the armband has been designed to cover and protect your remote control or WS4 control box against light rain, splashes or scratches. On the front of the armband, a supple PVC screen will efficiently protect your screen. The neoprene back comes with a slot which allow you to slide your accessory. This material has been chosen for its lightness, isolation and resistance qualities. Its natural elasticity will insure without distorting the bag a good retention of your accessory. The armband comes with a Velcro tab and two notches. You will be able to adapt it to many templates, (minimum 9 inch and maximum 14 inch) you can wear it on the arm, the wrist or even the stem (see pictures)

Our advice for the maintenance: We advise you to clean the armband with a soft damp cloth.

Available under the reference D0861, suggested price is 12.94€

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