The new XP ORX product review

Why have XP metal detectors released the ORX ?
The team at XP wanted to produce a hybrid machine while still maintaining the much loved Deus DNA.
The ORX has a very easy to understand menu with 4 factory pre-set programs 2 Gold and 2 Coin – All accessed by the simple press of a button.
The main menu has a wide range of features if you feel the need to make any adjustments in the field.

ORX menu

Factory Programs 3 & 4 Coin Fast and Coin Deep
Menu Features
Discrimination 0 -99
Sensitivity 0 – 99
Iron volume on / off
Reactivity 1 to 3
Coin Fast is very much in line with the existing Deus Fast program, it uses a 3 tone audio and I am guessing will be the most popular choice.
Coin Deep uses slightly different filtering and a slower reactivity, this allows better ground penetration for deeper targets, idea if the ground is cleaner.
User save programs 5 & 6
There are 2 empty memory banks so the user can save their custom programs.

ORX water 4

Find out more about the XP ORX by watching the video at the top of the page.
We have so much more to talk about in coming blogs but are sure you will agree when we say simplicity combined with performance is going to make the ORX the perfect detecting companion.