The XP DEUS, the detector that matches your wishes

Hidden behind the generic name DEUS is a range of detectors that you can make up according to your taste and budget. Firstly, XP proposes the DEUS with the choice of a 9” or 11” coil. Then, you can add the control accessories you want: headphones, remote control or both. What is more you can choose between the WS4 wireless headphone and the WS5 full ear-cup headphone. The attached table resumes the details and potentials of each version of the DEUS.

Here are some keys to understand our jargon:

RC for remote control

the WS4 : our compact, foldable wireless backphone

and the WS5 the full ear-cup wireless headphone

From only £715 for the DEUS22WS4, you get a 9”coil, the wireless WS4 headphone, and included of course the S-telescopic stem, the charger and batteries… For this price, you get benefits that no other brand in the market can offer: 4 frequencies, many settings, 10 factory programs and 8 user programs, lithium battery and charger…

This version is an affordable way to experiment a wide range of possibilities of the DEUS. You will appreciate the comfort of its light weight, 875g in this format, the ease of movement with its wireless technology, its selectivity, and the ability to change frequency during use without changing coil or detector! All these “extras” that make the DEUS famous. You can also use your own headphones and carry the headset control of the WS4 as a remote control in our wristband or armband (optional accessories).

The DEUS remote control gives you even more opportunities in your settings: Reactivity, Iron volume Notches, Expert Menus… Note that a remote control is required for the short time to update the headphones and coil. All these items are available separately at your retail dealer: your DEUS can evolve with you over the years. So you understand we designed the DEUS to be yours for a long time with its 5 years warranty, our updates are accessible to all, our affordable and close by after sales service (We ask our dealers to know how to carry out basic maintenance).

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