Metal detecting rally report – Netherlands

XP metal detectors were pleased to sponsor the 2018 DJ Laan rally. This year it was held in the region of Friesland, I took a somewhat shaky propeller plane from Southampton airport straight to Amsterdam where I was met by my good friend Mathijs who is the son of Dirk Jan who both own and manage DJ Laan metal detecting supplies.

Hippolytushoef Netherlands
We drove about an hour to the DJ Laan shop in Hippolytushoef, where I teamed up with Dirk Jan the owner of the business, along with wife Judith and son Mathijs.
Dirk Jan went on to say they have always taken great pride in offering fellow detectorists the best service possible and over the years most of their customers have become good friends, and this was evident when we travelled the next day to Friesland to attend the 2018 rally.

It was a one day event with nearly 300 attendees, all hoping to get a chance of winning some of the great prizes that were on offer.

Mathijs DJ Laan XP metal detectors

The DJ Laan field team operated like a military operation, organising parking and setting up the event I remembered seeing this attention to detail last year, and this year was no different.

After the pre hunt talk everyone walked to the fields, it was quite a long walk but very pleasant as spirits were high. There were several tokens buried weeks before and each token was to be exchanged for a raffle ticket.
There were some nice finds made and the local PAN (Portable Antiquities Netherlands) were on site all day to identify, record and answer peoples questions.

metal detectorists walking to the field
At mid-day everyone returned for refreshments and some food, then it was back to another field for the second token hunt.
However just before they started metal detecting we announced that a special Gold XP token was buried and the lucky finder would win an ORX detector.

Detecting for the special XP Gold token to win an XP ORX
It was late afternoon when everyone returned, time to relax and settle in for the raffle draw, the special Gold XP token was found and many other prizes were handed out.

After everyone had left we the team sat down for a meal and reflect on a fantastic day, for me personally attending events in the Netherlands are what makes my job great and the DJ Laan events are always at the top of my list.

DJ Laan metal detecting rally Netherlands

Thanks to everyone who attended and the organisers for their hard work.
And a massive thanks to the land owner and the community of Friesland for making it all happen.

See you next year.