Neville is impressed with his XP ORX

Congratulations to Neville who found this amazing Gold coin at the Coil to the Soil Event at Knottingley Yorkshire.

ORX metal detector finds Gold coin

I was using my XP ORX with the X35 9″ coil when it gave a fuzzy but solid faint 68 signal, using the coin deep program – Reactivity 2 – GB75 -Sensitivity 95 – Frequency 14.4khz.
I dug around 9 inches and found a small button, then swept the coil again to check my hole and had another hit in the solid clump of dirt, I broke it open and caught a glimpse of Gold.
It was an Edward VII 1909 Full Sovereign. After lunch I swapped coils and worked the same area with the HF Elliptical coil which produced 4 Victorian coins and a Roman Minim plus a load of Buttons.
I am very Impressed with my ORX, I am always finding plenty with it….Thanks XP !