My best XP Deus Gold finds

I have had some fantastic gold finds and both were within months of me starting detecting.
I found them with my #XPDeus, I use the full set up remote and WS4 headset along with the 11″ black coil, Within a few months of buying it I bagged 2 stunning gold finds within weeks of each other and in different areas of Dorset, UK.

Keith Gold Rams broochThe first great find was a solid gold “Rams Head” brooch which was found while metal detecting on pasture.
I declared it as a potential treasure find and off it went to The British Museum who had it for over a year. It was eventually returned with a date being attributed to early 1800’s (but some thought it was much older). I recall the ground was rock hard and very flinty so excavating it safely was hard going.

Keith Gold find with his XP Deus metal detector

I got a fairly faint but nice high tone using the HOT programme and it was was one of those that I knew I had to dig it.
It was a hands and knees job with the trowel as I had no chance of even breaking the surface of  ground with the spade though.
The brooch was damaged but was still mind blowing stunning and the craftsmanship incredible.
I ended up keeping the brooch and giving the landowner 50% of the value.

Gold staters found with an xp Deus metal detector

The other gold find was a treasure find of a scattered hoard of 6 Celtic gold staters dating 50 to 85 BC. This was on boggy pasture and I just caught a faint signal on the end of a back swing.
Again I was using the HOT programme and eventually found them widely scattered across the field.
Many thanks Keith
Well done Keith an XP Elite Gold Club cap is on it’s way to you.
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