XP Team USA – DTH rally report

With a summer filled with cancelations and staying close to home, it was a nice change to travel to Dubuque Iowa to attend the Detecting The Heartland open hunt the first weekend in September.
XP Team USA would like to thank Casey Oberreuter and his staff for putting on the hunt.
XP Team leader Dave D., XP Sonya, Alan Carpenter a/k/a the short Minnesota Beach Boy and myself – the oldest Minnesota Beach Boy were there to represent XP.  We arrived Thursday afternoon and immediately started prepare to set up the XP Zone.

XP zone

On Friday we set up the 3 XP kiosks and the test garden.

The XP stand

The test garden consisted of a 30’ by 30’ area fenced off with XP Team USA banners, Deus and ORX flags. We had 12 station in the test garden with various coins, gold and silver rings and can slaw buried at varying depths. We had a Deus and ORX available for those interested in taking one for a test drive or they could use their own XP machine.
We demonstrated how making adjustment could improve the performance, answered lots of questions and taught some people how to make programs and save them. The test garden with hands on learning was well liked.
One kiosk was for displaying the items to be given away – T-Shirts, Hats, Pinpointers, XP Deus, XP ORX, XP stickers and XP patches. Sonya did a great job making a professional looking display of the XP gear

The xp team

The second kiosk was XP command central with a sound system, music, registration for the “Gold Dance”, general discussion and Q & A.
The third kiosk was for the refreshments and entertainment. It was a favorite in the morning as the participants enjoyed free coffee and donuts, courtesy of XP, along with friendly conversation.
As the morning progressed there was a Kid’s Hunt after which Tonezy the XP mascot made an appearance and invited the kids over to the XP Zone for gift bags and pictures with Tonezy. The Minnesota Beach Boys put 2 red XP tokens in the Kids Hunt and the winners each got a Wheat Cent album, a roll of wheat cents and a coveted MBB sticker.
After lunch was the first seeded hunt, in which Sonya did well coming back to the kiosks with a nice bunch of silver coin. The MBB also put 5 XP tokens in this hunt and
winners each received a Silver Certificate one dollar bill in a plastic holder.

Dig start

Then for a little more entertainment XP held the “Gold Dance”. Eight contestants were selected. The rules were they had to dance with excitement as if they just found a gold coin, for 15 seconds to mountain banjo music. The winner would be selected by spectator applause. The prize was an XP ORX, MI-6 pinpointer and headphones.  There sure were some creative dance moves and vocal arrangements! Everyone had fun and XP would like to thank the dancers for being such great sports.

XP stand 2

As the dust from the dance contest settled we began drawing names for the XP gear giveaway.


The final seeded hunt of the day was the Vintage hunt.  Alan and I got to participate in that one. I remember Alan saying something about my age and that they named the hunt especially for me. We both did well, but I think my bunch of Seated Liberty coins may have edged out his bunch of Indian Head cents.

Digging 1

Then began the two hour tear down, packing and loading of XP Zone, followed by a shower and a wonderful dinner with XP Team mates!  We concluded that Dave D. did a great job organizing and directing our efforts and that XP was well represented at the 2020 Detecting The Heartland open hunt in Dubuque Iowa!
By Jim Kochevar