Team XP Romania start the new detecting season

No matter what you are looking for, metal detecting is about the joy of finding something interesting, Amongst the various metal detecting interest, there is a particular one close to our hearts one, known as ”Militaria”.
Over the last years, the members of the Romanian Military Archaeology NGO scored incredible results, and true to form the #XPDeus has always been by our sides.

Hiking up a mountain with the XP Deus metal detector

We are specialists in the recovery of military artefacts from WW1 and WW2 battlefields within the Romanian territory. Since 2015 we have been working with #XPmetaldetectors and products alongside our local archaeologists.
With the Spring and the good weather approaching, our 2019 prospecting season started in a high. During March, we located two separate spots, one in Moldavia, near Iasi, this region saw some heavy fighting in 1944, between German, Soviet and Romanian troops. The second spot, related more to a WW1 context, it was located way up in the mountains, it took a 3 hour hike to find this remote spot which was inhabited by bears.
Many of our sites cannot be reached by vehicle so it’s vital all our kit and supplies fit neatly into a rucksack.
In both situations, we deployed the following setup: 9” HF coil, 11” X35 coil, 13×11”  X35 coil,  11” standard coil, 9” X35 coil, MI-6/MI-4’s, in total there were 5 XP Deus’s at work.

Metal detecting in the Romanian mountains

In such Militaria contexts, we mostly work with zero discrimination, because there are valuable targets that could be easily skipped, like a bayonet, which could even give an iron 15/20 reading.With tight nerves, patience and experience, it can be done. In such cases, we build our workflow around the Deus’s very fast recovery speed, and discriminating by ear.
Learning your machine, no matter what your field of search/interest is, will make you ”hear the ground”, and eventually understand what the ”voice” of the targets sound like, because they are there, calling you, believe me I’m not joking !

RMA XP Deus finds from the battlefield

And as time has passed we must say that the Deus was our best interpreter for such “conversations”.
Now, about the finds: At Iasi, we managed to find two Romanian helmets, one M39 rifle ”Dutch” model, complete with the royal crest, while the second a German M42 helmet, used by Romanian troops during the alliance period. Beside the helmets, we also discovered a massive silver ring, engraved with two initials.

Large silver ring found with an XP Deus metal detector

The WW1 spot in the mountains was pretty hardcore, first of all because there was heavily mineralized soil, which gave us an added difficulty. With a proper ground balance and lowering the reactivity to 1-2, we managed to impose a good rhythm, and the results came thick and fast in the later part of the day. Many water flasks, canteens, cups, plates and bayonets, badges, crests….you name it. We hit a spot where a lot of equipment was left behind (some of it being damaged), so, in few hours, we managed to recover (mostly from between the rocks) a lot of good targets.
Once more, the XP products passed any kind of test, and once more they led us to some excellent results!

 Thanks to Michele, Daniel and all the Romanian Military Archaeology Team for sending in this fantastic article, be sure to visit their Facebook page by visiting the link.

German helmet found with an XP Deus


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