XP search coils – A quick summary

What is the best search coil for your XP metal detector?
XP have a wide range of search coils, divided into 2 categories :
The X35 coils and the HF coils, 5 in total, all of which are fully compatible with the XP ORX and the XP Deus, to pair a new coil with the controller all you have to do is enter the coil serial number into your RC menu….It literally takes less than a minute.

XP X35 coil review
There are 3 sizes of X35 coils available, the 11 x 13” (28 x 32cm) 11”(28cm) and the 9”(22cm). The available frequencies run from around 4Khz up to 28Khz, when connected to the XP Deus they also have a boost mode when using 4Khz, just to give you that little extra punch.

The HF coils are very different to the X35 coils as they run up to a higher frequency range, the 9”(22cm) coil runs from 14Khz up to 55Khz, and the HF Elliptical coil tops out at a massive 80Khz, which is the perfect choice when hunting for small Gold items.
You will also notice the HF coils have a different battery configuration, it is located in the lower stem, while the X35 coils are sealed within the coil, but can still easily be replaced by an XP service centre.

XP metal detectors 9 inch X35 and HF coils

Are the X35 and HF coils different to the earlier XP coils ?
As we have just talked about…the frequency choices, but also they have been constructed using new advances in technology, making them lighter and much more stable to use, resulting in higher sensitivity levels.

Will an HF Elliptical coil be as deep as the HF round coil?
The HF Elliptical was not designed for depth, it’s main role was to find small Gold nuggets in mineralised ground, this can also be adapted to finding small coins and delicate artefacts on an ancient site when there is iron present.
It is unliokely that the HF elliptical coil will match the depth of a round coil on an average sized target in low mineralised ground, it is classed as a specialist coil.

XP metal detectors HF coil
When you buy a new XP search coil, it will come with a lower stem and fixing kit.

Here is a link to a short video explaining some of the key features of both types of coil.

XP search coil choices video