XP rally report Czech Republic – Sloup

The 2019 Czech Republic and Slovakia metal detecting event was held in the beautiful town of Sloup, which roughly translates into the word pillar or column, which describes the large sand stone rocks that dominate the surrounding landscape.
The Stone Castle which was built in the 14th century towered above the event arena.

Czech metal detecting rally the stone castle

I had a chance to explore the castle on Friday, from the terrace at the top you can look out over the stunning Lusatian Mountains, I couldn’t help thinking what other events these rocks had witnessed over the centuries.

Czech metal detecting rally stone castle at Sloup

This metal detecting was organised by Miroslav and his team from Detektorweb.cz -Detektory Kovu and the guys from the popular Detektor revue Magazine

Czech rally logo

This was to be a metal detecting event with a difference, as there was no actual detecting included in the schedule.
However as the day got underway I became familiar with the format and realised that this was a family day for detectorists, with games, food, drink, and detecting related talks in the conference room.

Czech metal detecting rally XP demonstrations

The first part of the day’s packed schedule was a talk on XP products, Marco very kindly translated for me. People were offered the chance to ask questions about XP products and the machines.
There was a group of army trucks on site, families could climb on board and take a trip around the town…free of charge, also on display was a wide range of military weapons available for everyone to handle.

Czech metal detecting rally Deus throwing2

The first game was throwing the #XPDeus… simple you may think – However this XP Deus was made out of cast Iron and weighed an absolute ton.

Czech metal detecting rally #XPDeus throwing

The second game had a communication theme, showing the importance of relationships between Archaeologists and metal detectorists.
2 people per team, one with XP wireless headphones (The Archaeologist) and the other blindfolded with an XP Deus (The Detectorist). Targets and obstacles were placed along the track, the Archaeologist called out instructions and targets to the detectorist and guided him on his way.

Czech metal detecting rally, the Archaeologist game
Czech metal detecting rally detecting challenge

It will make more sense when you watch the video above.
After lunch we went into the conference room for some talks on the local history and the German occupation of the Czech Republic during the war. I took along my Jersey hoard presentation, once again Marco translated for me.
The raffle started at 9.00pm, by this time there was a great party atmosphere as the 140 raffle prizes were allocated, the top prize was an XP Deus.
I really enjoyed visiting the Czech Republic and would like to than everyone for their kind hospitality and look forward to meeting up with you all again soon.
Gary Blackwell and the XP team.