Metal detecting with the XP ORX – wet sand test

Many people are not aware that using a metal detector on a wet beach may require a different set up to searching a dry beach, all machines will work on dry sand, but many will appear to be troublesome on the wet sand without the correct adjustments.
This is because the salt in the wet sand gives a positive signal, tricking the metal detector into thinking it has detected a non ferrous target.
In the case of the ORX the operator must eliminate the signal from the salt by changing the ground balance range, this is done by pressing and holding the hashtag button until the word “Salt” appears on the screen.
The coin fast program with Salt enabled is probably the easiest to use if you are new to the ORX, however for the more experienced user the Gold program has a lot to offer if adjusted correctly.

XP ORX Salt mode for wet sand

Having lived inland for all of my detecting career, beach hunting has never been my “Go to” arena, but now I have re located much closer to the coast I am really enjoying my time on the sand honing my beach skills.
The Gold program really exceeded my expectations, I have to say the ORX did a pretty good job on the wet sand.
In this video I carefully run through and demonstrate my XP ORX Gold program set up for wet sand.

Metal detecting XP ORX beach settings

By Gary Blackwell