XP ORX Roman coin hoard

It all started back in February when I first got the XP ORX metal detector, I took the newly named Roxy out for a test drive, instantly I started finding on my heavily detected field, I went back three or four times so I could get to grips with using the ORX before testing it on a heavily contaminated site.
I decided I’d head to the grounds of an old hall. I’d been finding plenty of Victorian and Georgian pennies with my previous machine but nothing of any substantial age, that quickly changed after an hour with the ORX.
I couldn’t believe it when a fully intact Georgian fob seal popped up still with the intaglio in perfect condition, this was a first for me. I’d been wanting to find one for a very long time.
During further visits I found my first ever silver thimble and a truly stunning pure gold mourning locket with three locks of hair still inside, it weighed an hefty 22 grams, and turned out to have belonged to the Lord that lived in the old hall but that was just the start of my XP ORX relationship Better was yet to come…

Martin Wood with his Deus
It was a windy Friday afternoon and me and my friend decided to head out to our regular farm as the farmer had just harvested some corn.
We got there and it was a pretty slow day in all honesty, we’d been plodding along for around five hours and found very little between us. Over the horizon I noticed a field that we had never done before, I called the landowner to see if it was his land and luckily for us it was.

Roman coin from a hoard
We got to the field but it was getting late so we had a quick hour and virtually did an up and down on the field recovering 4 Roman coins, we were very happy as it’s rare to find Roman in this area. I later went to see my brother and told him about the Roman coins and that I had a feeling there had to be many more in this field, I’m not sure he believed me but that all changed two days later when the ORX gave a sweet tone, ringing nicely in my ears, “oh lovely, it’s a cartwheel penny” I said to my brother, “That’s not Roman though” he replied with a laugh.
Shortly after he called me over to say he had found a Roman, jokingly I mentioned that I thought there might be a pot full in the field. We carried on and both started to find, it was starting to pick up now and you could feel the tension in the air. The coins were all really small and at around 4” – 6” deep so I decided to switch my frequency up to 26.6khz, using the coin deep program, 95 sensitivity and discrimination at 5.

Roman coins

The field came alive, Roman Coin after Roman Coin, artefacts galore and a lot of frantic digging. We couldn’t believe it, we had stumbled across a scattered hoard of Roman coins dated to around 200Ad. The ORX really was working well on the higher frequency. The feeling was truly one of amazement and joy. We were now feeding off each other’s excitement and the coins just kept on coming. After hours of digging the low weight of the ORX proved to be a real advantage, she really does swing with ease and what a capable machine Roxy the ORX is proving to be.
In total we recovered 116 coins plus over a dozen artefacts in a small area.

Roman hen Brooch

It was the stuff of dreams and funnily enough all these little dreams I had of finding bucket listers are quickly becoming realities with this metal detector, my first Roman silver, my first first Georgian fob seal, my first silver thimble and then just when you think It can’t get any better along comes a Roman Hoard!

Roman coin hoard
So for me the ORX is truly a match made in heaven and dare I say a dream come true, In total my Brother and myself recovered 119 coins, the search continues…..
By Martin Wood (The divvy detectorist)
XP ORX treasure find