XP ORX on test in Romania

I’m Alexander and live in Moldavia, Romania, I’m an XP Deus user and recently was offered the opportunity to test the ORX in the field, and compare it with my previous #XPDeus experiences.
I went to an old spot, already prospected many times, the kind of spot considered ‘’empty’’, but capable of delivering some small surprises to the dedicated searcher.
An empty site !….The perfect testing ground.

best metal detector

I used only the ORX’s standard programs and I managed to locate both Gold and Silver there (some ancient gold tiny links and an ancient silver coin, a Tetradrachm ‘’Thasos’’ type, previously presented in the XP blog).
During my test I pushed the machine to its limits, 81kHz and 95 sensitivity, discrimination zero and reactivity 2, just in order to see how stable was ‘’under pressure’’. I can confirm it was stable, but it also delivered some incredible results.

Ancient rings found with an XP ORX metal detector
Day 2
After that first very positive #XPORX debut, I decided to force my luck by visiting the same spot again. The ORX didn’t let me down, I recovered some very small silver and bronze fragments, and I must admit those targets made me realize for the first time the ORX capabilities using the HF technology. I swear, some of those targets could not be detected by my pin pointer.
I started to search an old pathway which had a rocky base and littered with ferrous and non-ferrous signals, between the rocks and roots, I recovered a silver button (or ornament). Clearly old, solid silver with a simple but nice design. I wanted to find out if that silver button was an isolated find or was something else hiding there. I changed some ORX settings, 13 kHz, reactivity 2 and moderate discrimination.

XP ORX metal detector
Once again in true XP form the recovery speed of the HF coil allowed me to hear the ‘’signals between the signals’’: the ORX rang out a 68/70 reading, which turned out to be a bronze medieval ring. Hyped by another small victory from that spot, I continued to work very patiently with the ORX, investigating every sound.
Then a few meters away I recovered a second bronze ring, followed by half of a gold ring, which I would say was modern, but it was solid gold! I was ecstatic, I’ve scored both Silver & Gold again, with my borrowed ORX, Wow, what a sensation!

Silver coins found with a metal detector
My day got even better, a clean sound and from about 20cm down, I recovered 3 Ottoman silver coins ‘’Kurus’’, related to Mustafa III (1757 -1774) having 43mm and 25,5gr each. I washed them with some water, and they were sparkling, just like my eyes :) I continued to search around that spot, but without any further results. The coins were most probably lost on that once busy path, by a traveler or trader …who knows.
Many thanks to XP for letting me experience the ORX, it was truly a nice surprise!
You’ll hear from me again sooon.
Alexander ‘’White Beard’’ Sorescu