XP ORX Roman Gold

This metal detecting session started with a sunny day in Hampshire with near to perfect conditions. The fields were flat with a newly sprouting early barley crop.

As normal for me I set out with the #XPORX in coin fast with what I call “out of the box” settings.

XP ORX metal detector finds Chris a Roman Gold Ring
First impressions were that the ground was fairly stable so I  immediately switched to coin deep. And that was a big mistake ! – It felt like I was detecting in a hail storm, I tried various settings and finally ended up back on coin fast, Frequency -14.4Khz, Sensitivity – 95, Reactivity – 3, Discrimination – 5.5.Things were nice and settled although there was a fair bit of iron to be heard.

I started hearing people commenting on the amount of Roman grots they had found, I was getting a little despondent with my handful of buttons and scraps of bronze.

It was then after moving to a different section of the field my ORX gave a signal with a varying target ID from 65 -70 with a slight double bleep.

Roman Gold ring #metaldetectorfind

Assuming it was a shallow target I swept the ground with my boot only to find I had to dig !!
It took only 1 spade full to bring the target to the surface.

Gold Roman ring found with an XP ORX metal detector

I picked up what I thought was a piece of gold foil but the weight and shape quickly discounted my first thought, I brushed away the soil to see what my XP ORX metal detector had located – A very squashed 9.4gm Roman Gold ring !

Thanks to Chris from the XP ORX UK Facebook group for sharing this fantastic find, an XP T shirt and cap are on their way to you.

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