XP metal detectors visit the Estonian battlefield

Our metal detecting trip to Estona was very successful, I met up with my detecting team mates Virgillio Garcia from Spain and our host Ivan Krause from Estonia.
We had 2 days to search the dense Estonian forest with our XP metal detectors.
Day 1 was to try and locate a hidden bunker, and search the area.
Day 2 was to hunt a Medieval trackway in the forest in search of a possible trading post.

man metal detecting

Day 1 started with heavy rain, not the perfect conditions for filming, but we decided to carry on and at least try to get some footage, which was a good decision because the rain stopped as soon as we arrived at the location.
This forest had a very strange feeling…. No birds, no animals it was hard to describe, it just felt sole less, it all made sense when Ivan explained that 6000 prisoners of war had been murdered by German soldiers only 500 meters away from where we were standing.
Out of respect we stayed clear of this area and searched the dense forest where the Russian air support bombed the German strong hold.
Searching this terrain was difficult, there was heavy iron contamination ranging from machinery parts, sheets of steel, obliterated tank tracks and shrapnel.
The XP machines were ideally suited to these conditions, not only because of the fast recovery speed amongst iron,  plus we could remove the lower stems and search the trenches just using the coil and stem.

Searching with a metal detector

We managed to recover some nice relics and coins, but our main task was to find the bunker, this was going to be tricky because the dense forest was very disorientating.
It was time to put the DJI drone into action as it scanned the area we picked up the grass covered square object, were we looking at the bunker roof on the monitor about 300 meters to our North of our position. It was only a stone’s throw from the coast.
We headed North and the bunker appeared like a ghost in the distance, standing strong with the sun lighting it up.

Worls war 2 bunker

The terrain was very sandy due to the proximity to the beach, we deployed our XP’s and started searching. Just as the guys stopped for lunch I got a deep sounding target with my ORX in Coin Fast mode, Virgillio confirmed this with his XP Deus so we started to dig, it wasn’t long before the spade hit on metal with a long scraping sound.
It was a game of nerves because there was a strong chance this could be ordinance, we finished the excavation by hand and at about 3 feet down we pulled up a German helmet…What a discovery !

Metal detecting in Estonia with Team XP Deus and ORX

Day 2 took on a different theme, once again, not without it’s problems, our task was to search for what Ivan believed to be an ancient trading post somewhere along a forest track, this information came to him after talking to a very old local guy who remembered stories from his father and grandfather.

The track was full of round shrapnel, which we soon found out came in at the same target ID on the Deus and ORX, after Ivan dug a Hammered Silver coin next to a round  shrapnel ball.

We persevered and were rewarded with some nice artefacts and a total of 12 Hammered coins, interestingly enough all had holes in them, one theory was the traders pierced them and wore them around their necks on a piece of string for safe keeping……Well, lucky for us not so safe in this case.

XP Deus metal detector

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