XP Goldmaxx finds ancient jewel

Congratulations to XP Goldmaxx user Kevin Duckett who believes he has found a fragment of the crown that once belonged to the 16th century Tudor kings and queens.

The tiny gold and enamel figure only 3 cm  high was found in a field near Market Harborough

Part of a tudor crown

Was this possibly from one the crowns worn at the coronations of Henry VIII, his children Edward, Mary and Elizabeth, and later for James I and then Charles I.

Tudor Gold item found with an XP Goldmaxx metal detector

When he first spotted the item in the mud he thought it was just a bit of foil but later realised it was an intricate piece of worked gold.

GoldMaxx treasure find

This amazing item has an estimated value of 2 million pounds

Kevin thinks the item was with Charles I at the 1645 Battle of Naseby and was lost when the king’s entourage fled towards Market Harborough during their defeat in the Civil War.

Map of market Harborough