XP Deus – The ultimate challenge

Metal detecting or should I say using a metal detector can be as easy or as complicated as you want it to be, I am your typical button presser wanting the last ounce of performance on any given site, but I have to admire those guys who simply switch on to their favourite Deus program and detect without a care in the world.
Deep down I guess we all want to use the best machine for the job and our goal is to find the treasure, so I guess everyone’s journey is different but the desired end results are the same.
Soil conditions is in my opinion the biggest factor to overcome, if your soil won’t allow it, it isn’t happening and it’s as simple as that.

Very often land with ancient habitation is contaminated with various sized iron and minerals, from large lumps down to iron dust mixed in with the soil.
I am convinced the high frequency coils will be your best option.

Gary and paul metal detecting

The Experiment

When on these difficult sites I like to experiment, take earlier this week for example I was detecting with Paul Bancroft over in the west country on one of his ancient sites, he invited me over because he wanted a second opinion as the soil conditions were giving him problems using high frequencies.
Paul wanted to use the higher frequencies in order to find the small targets, but the machine was just to unsettled.
After a few minutes detecting I had experienced his dilemma, at the top of the field the machine was working well but as you worked down the slope towards the darker soil it became increasingly unsettled.


Having made all the usual adjustments, sensitivity, reactivity, to no resolve, I felt I was missing something but had no idea what it was. Operating the Deus at 14Khz and above was proving to be a problem.
I was in a stale mate situation, I wanted to use a higher frequency but this Jekyll and Hyde soil would not allow it….what was I missing here, HF coils have always been my “go to choice” on ancient sites.
I could have easily used the X35 coil on a lower frequency but I wasn’t going to be beaten, so it was a case of using the HF round coil and thrash this thing out !
I knew sensitivity and reactivity were not the cure, although reactivity at 4 using the HOT program was indeed the best option. It was not EMI because with the coil in the air it was silent.
My next choice was ground balance, although reluctant to adjust because the mineralisation bar was only showing 1 block showing the mineralisation was low, I made some experiments, all to no avail.

Paul with his XP Deus

Paul came over for a chat, and said are you going to detect or just press buttons all morning, he had a good point, I said to him this issue was consuming my thoughts I had to get to the bottom of it or suffer in silence.


As we parted the words “suffer in silence” bounced around in my head, I looked down at my XP Deus screen, it was still in the reactivity feature, then I noticed Expert on the bottom left, a quick press and into silencer, showing -1.
OK I thought lets give it a try, up a couple to 2,,,,Your kidding it’s working, now up to 4 and it had eliminated all of the false signals generated by the high frequency.
I had cracked it, no more suffering in silence, the SILENCER our old forgotten friend that nobody ever contacts had just dropped by and saved the day.
I called Paul back over to confirm I wasn’t going mad, he tried it on his Deus and confirmed, this was the trick we were missing.
We had a great day with some interesting finds.

Roman finds from the day

There’s a lesson for us all here, but I can’t think of it at the moment.
Here is a video of our day, and also the chance for you to win a free HF round coil.

XP Deus the ultimate test
XP Deus the ultimate test
Happy hunting Gary