XP Deus HF coil late to the party

I recently had a call from an old friend who wanted to know if I considered it was worth him buying an HF coil for his XP Deus metal detector.
Knowing the land Paul searches and seeing some of his finds over the years, my answer was ….
Why have you waited so long, being “late to the party” is one thing, potentially missing out on all those tiny coins and artefacts is a big mistake.

Metal detecting is good for your health

Paul invited me down to one of his sites in the west country to test the coil and just have a days detecting.
The site was grass field with an ancient stream running alongside it, the black fluffy soil had all the hallmarks of habitation.
It wasn’t long before Paul located a quiet target using the HF coil, he called me over to see what I thought, I was using my XP Deus in the pitch program with the 11″ X35 coil.

Metal detecting friends

It hit a high number and was clearly a deep target according to the soft audio sound.
Paul dug down about 12” and recovered a Jetton in very good condition, what a great first HF coil recovery !

A rare jetton coin

Throughout the morning more impressive finds fell victim to the HF coil including a tiny hammered coin and a nice Roman coin.

The key to finding hammered coins

We stopped for lunch and Paul took the opportunity to show me some of his finds, to say they were nice is an understatement.

Treasure found with a metal detectorYou can watch our mornings metal detecting including Pauls show and tell by following the video link below.

Metal detecting with the experts
Metal detecting with the experts