I am now one of those lucky guys


My XP Deus Experience

The ultimate experience

I work in the transport industry and travelling around Europe. I’ve always had a passion for metal detecting. Over the years I have watched others make fantastic discoveries and dreamed about being one of those lucky finders.

I live in the Czech Republic, and I often visit Romania, Bulgaria and Denmark because of my work. I started to catch up online with several experienced guys, who gave me some truly useful advice relating to metal detecting. In 2016, I made my first ”big step”, and I purchased my first Metal Detector, a very cheap, second-hand Garrett ACE 250, like probably so many of you did the same in the beginning.

The early days

To be honest, after buying the detector, I only used it a maximum of 10-15 times in a year. I had so much work to deal with, and also the fact that not all the countries I regularly visit allow ”free metal detecting”.

Free time

I always tried my machine when and where it was possible, keeping everything legal. During my very few amateur outings, I never had any kind of spectacular results: most of my targets were modern coins or modern trash, but I must say that every time I discovered a modern coin, the feeling was incredible.


I continued to follow the activity of the Metal Detecting clubs, groups and teams that I had admired since the beginning of my interest for this hobby. I noticed that among them, many were using the XP Deus, so the idea of owning one started forming in the back of my mind.

The Big Jump

I was aware that most probably I would not need it, but it was everywhere, on each group and related to most of the spectacular finds was the Deus. So eventually I made the ”big jump” and bought my XP Deus setup at the end of April 2018. I went for the RC setup with the 11′ coil, and eventually got the MI-6 pin point probe.

It may sound silly, but the idea of owning and using a pro-machine, somehow pushes you to do better, to be more consistent in the hobby and to motivate more.
After reaching Denmark, I ended up having some free days there; A mechanical problem kept my van in the garage, so I had nothing more to do except wait. I caught up with a friend who has lived there since the ’90’s, and asked if he could show me a nearby forest, in order to get a grip on my new Deus and most important to have some free, fun time.

We started our adventure in the usual way: waves of bottle caps, pull tabs and other, normal trash related to modern society. I was using the Deus on the factory Deus Fast program, my friend was helping with the shovel work, everything was chilled and very enjoyable, we were talking about our families, football and movies. After a short while we reached a remote spot in the forest. The trash targets had disappeared, everything was quiet and nice. The atmosphere was so silent, almost creepy, we were only receiving a signal every 20 minutes, at some point the Deus tagged a quick burst of stable and high signals. Even if as a beginner, I recognized that kind of response, because I’ve encountered it before, while recovering modern coins. I said to my friend ”Oh, here we could have few coins”, but I never imagined it would be something than modern coins or a group of pull tabs. After reaching the very first signal, I truly froze: It was a silver coin, and suddenly….I had become one of those guys who discover beautiful things.

We were both in a dream state of mind, like in a childhood fairy tale:
In a creepy forest, near to some old trees, discovering silver coins… just WOW, what a feeling!

After prospecting very carefully around the area, we were able to recover nine 3 Gros silver coins Sigismund III ( around 1580 – 1630 AD), all of them grouped in a very tiny spot, and located at a depth between 5-10cm.

The surprise was even bigger, after the authority told us that most probably we will able to keep them, because they do not enter the category of very valuable and important artefacts.

That one was truly a great day, a day when I was as happy as a child, that rush of unexplainable joy and emotions you cannot suppress.

Thanks XP Metal Detectors for giving me the tools to work with and for the opportunity of being so joyful once more, even in my adult life! Thank you, Deus,!

And many thanks to my virtual friends from the Romanian Military Archaeology Team, who helped me with tons of advice related to the purchase of the Deus. It was of great help having someone willing to explain everything to me in a very calm and friendly way!

XP Deus finding ancient Silver coins – live my experience.

Greetings from Sasha ”Red” Ciozky

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