XP Deus beginners guide to metal detecting

Many people new to metal detecting and the XP Deus may not be fully aware of what the “out of the box” factory pre-set programs offer, so I decided to make 2 short easy to understand videos explaining the very basics of using the XP Deus for the first time.
As you will see it can be as easy or as complicated as you want, Professional Deus users already know that using the range of pro adjustments can take this machine to another level, for the novice users wanting to grow with their machine, it is safe to say the Deus offers a fun journey ahead.
The XP official YouTube and The Metal Detector Skill School channel has a wide variety of XP Deus and ORX tuitional videos helping you to get the very best out of your metal detector.

XP Deus switch on and Go – This video demonstrates how first time Deus users can find good targets using the factory Basic 1 program.
XP Deus switch on and GO

XP Deus beginners guide understanding the menu – Part 2 explains the basic Deus menu and key features.
XP Deus beginners guide part 2 menu settings

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