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My name is Terje Roger Olsen! I am 43 years old and work in a store. I my free time I enjoy my great hobby of metal detecting! I am a member of the Rygene Detecting Club and have my own homepage and own video page on youtube. Unfortunately I have not been able to file much this past year or write much because of a heavy work load. But now I plan to start again!

For the past 3-4 years I have been using an XP Deus

This is the best detector I have ever used. I have had a Minelab, Fisher and Whites. But the Deus is the best of them all and I will never change it for any other. My Partner is also very interested in metal detecting. When we go together she uses my Deus and I use a Garrett AT Pro. But when she is not out detecting with me I use the Deus. One day I hope we can both get to use a Deus because she is really interested in this fantastic hobby. I recommend my friends and others to buy a Deus if they are considering buying a detector. I mean that I have influenced many to buy a XP Deus. I have a Facebook group called ‘XP Deus Norway’ (XP Deus Norge) that today has 310 members. Here we talk about what we have found, advice on settings and other things about the Deus.

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When I go with my Partner, I must admit I am jealous of her as she has my Deus. I let her use it because it is easier to use, and it is cordless.

These are the things that are fantastic about the Deus.

It is light, it is cordless, and has a response time no other detectors have, in my opinion. It has clear and fine tones, and is really easy to operate. WS5 are the best headphones on the market in my opinion. You can almost start searching and go out on the ground without any special settings. And this separates the Deus from other top detectors. It has no wires or cables. Yes, you can put in your own programs and so on with Deus. But I have been happy with 2 programs. Programs 2 and 3. GM Power is my normal mode, and Deus Fast when there is a lot of iron. And here Deus also demonstrates its superiority, being able to find small thin silver coins among lots of iron. Not just over, or beside, but also under. And it is easy to take on a trip. Very easy to pack in a suitcase or have with you on a flight. Other detectors you need to break down into several pieces, but with the Deus you only need to open a couple of locking parts and presto it is ready to pack away in seconds.

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I have made a number of really great finds with my Deus. In October 2014 I was on one of my favourite farms when I had a great find. I was detecting along finding buttons and bullets for about 30 minutes when I got a really good signal. Little did I know this would be the find of my life. I put the spade in the ground and started digging. Then I saw something I thought was a rock. I put it to the side and put my probe in and got a signal. I took away a little sand and spoil with my hands and dug up something rusty. It looked like a frying pan. I thought I had discovered a rubbish tip from the 2nd world war since the Germans had a prison camp near this place during the war. I dug up several rusty iron things. I was going to take this garbage from the war and throw it away. I put both hands in the ground and lifted up a big piece and got my next shock….I saw several Celtic iron objects. I didn’t know what to say. I was in shock.

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After catching my breath I called the archaeologists right away. I was sure this was not from the war but was much older. Viking times or middle ages. I understood that these were from a blacksmith. When I told the archaeologist what I had found he was almost speechless. I put the items back in the ground and covered them up. A few days later the archaeologists came and dug up the items I had found. I had found 22 items consisting of axes, hammers, frying pans, knives, nails, etc. There were bits of coal in hole but no burnt bones.

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I worked closely with the archaeologists and reports on all the finds which are mandatory.
The law in Norway states that items from before 1537, and coins from before 1650 and items of a cultural nature must be reported to the local archaeologist or nearest police authorities. I have a good working relationship with my local archaeologist. I have participated in several archaeological excavations with me XP Deus. When I find an item which must be reported I always call my archaeologist and report it. I always take GPS co-ordinates of my finds so the archaeologist knows where the find was made. It is important to protect history and to understand it, to understand how people lived, where they lived and what type of people they were. Archaeologists are not completely sure if what I found was a grave or a weapons cache. In October 2015 archaeologists are coming here to Elverum from the Culture Museum to excavate and study the site. They are going to spend one week on this assignment.

Last year this find was chosen the best find in Norway on a popular Facebook page. There were archaeologists on the panel which meant this was the best find made by a metal detector in all of Norway in 2014. Found with an XP Deus. Otherwise I have made several nice finds. Here are some of the best! Ring money from year 3-400, found with my XP Deus in the spring of 2012. It weighs 34 grams and is on display in the Cultural History Museum in Oslo.

Roger Olsen assemblé 2
Anglo-saxon coin! Ethelred II 1009-1016. This was found in Norway during an excavation. It is also rare in England and found in the British Museum. It has been handed in to the authorities.

Seal from the Middle Ages which comes from a Kalundborg Kloster in Denmark. Found in the autumn of 2011. It is kind of neat that this was found the same year that Danish archaeologists were excavating this Kloster. This will be displayed in a museum in Denmark. It has been handed in to the authorities.

Viking Brooch from 850-800. The pin is in good condition. Handed in to the authorities.

These are some of the best finds I have made. But I have made many more. Loads of silver coins and more from the Middle Ages, Viking time, Merovingian time and Roman time. I have also found jewellery and rings which people have dropped in modern times. No challenge is too great for the XP Deus.

Terje Roger Olsen
Rygene Detektorklubb

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