Structured searches – Reading the land

When we talk about metal detecting on open farmland we always imagine walking across fields, hoping to find something old and interesting.
sometimes a structured search can often increase your finds rate and indeed lead to some interesting discoveries.

Interesting bronze nail
Possibly a ancient nail

Structured searches can take on many forms, such as map research, acting on information, looking for signs of habitation, such as tile and pottery.

Look out for interesting tile
Look out for signs of habitation

One of my main forms of structured searching is following hedge lines, as they were very often field boundaries and an easy form of navigation from village to village. Imagine taking your cattle from one place to another, following a hedge line is much safer than an open field and the animals are easier to contain with a hedge on one side……Just my theory !

Searching hedge lines
Following a hedgerow with your XP metal detector

I have also found that hedgerows running from North to South or East to West have always given me the best results.
Sure you may find a little more junk following a hedgerow, but ancient junk is todays treasure, listen out for a change in ground signals and different soil conditions.

Hammered silver coin
An early hammered coin

This video below shows how I thought I was on a track and then discovered something interesting, resulting in a couple of nice finds.
Following hedgrows for success

Testing the Deus Sonar programGary Blackwell