Scottish Hammered coin hoard

Myself George and Alan headed to a local metal detecting Permission, the pasture field was water logged due to the recent weather but with the sun beating down, a bit of surface water didn’t deter us, detectors at the ready we were all set to hunt.
After searching the area for 30mins with no decent signals it was time to move fields. We headed into a different field.
The new field was beautiful lush green grass surrounded by woodland and a lovely freshwater stream winding through it the place looked amazing in the sun.

Alan and myself heard George shout with excitement when he pulled a find out the ground, George is the prankster of the group so we looked at each other with raised eyebrows.
Then George came running over clutching a pristine Edward 1st hammered coin, this was George’s first ever hammered coin and he was over the moon.
George now full of excitement dashed off dancing with his detector in search of more.

After about 10 mins George shouted again “another hammered” once again Edward 1st imagine the feeling of never finding a hammered then 2 come at once.

We decided to concentrate on that area as we were filming for our:
YouTube channel Scottish relics.
We had chosen wisely as more Edward 1st hammered coins, all in pristine condition started to appear.
I got my first hammered of the day a lovely Irish mint Edward 1st in immaculate condition. I couldn’t contain my excitement and at one point dropped my iPhone in the river Luckily it was waterproof or that would have been a disaster.

Hammered coin hoard found in scotland

As a lot of the coins were close to the river’s edge George and I decided to get into the river and search the bank from there, lucky we did because 5 more coins where found that must have dropped down due to the years of erosion.

After about an hour from the last coin found we all decided to call it a day as it was only 2 degrees  we were soaking wet and freezing cold, we felt that we had got all the coins.

In total we pulled up 14 coins all Edward 1st with one Being Irish. All the coins were within a 20ft area and only about max 2-3 inches down. a few of the coins were under rocks that had tumbled down the hillside over the years.

It was amazing that most of the coins had made imprints in the soil never moving for hundreds of years since the day they landed there.
When we got back to the cars, we called the TTU to record the hoard.

Heading home exhausted from all the excitement we made the decision that it would be silly not return the following day.

6 Deep coins found with the XP ORX metal detector

So early the next morning we headed back to the hoard site and got our heads down, after about 5 minutes one popped up then again and again, after 3 hours and a lot of work we managed to locate another 6.
All of the Remaining 6 hammered coins where located very deep down under rocks, the ORX confidently hit them using the Coin Deep program.

How these ended up there we will never know, I like to think it was a scuffle and the coins were thrown into the air.
Granted not all the coins where found with the XP ORX as there was 3 of us using different machines, however the ORX did locate the last 6 deep coins, the depth using the coin deep program really did impress me, this XP ORX is a beast of a machine!
Story by Dean Houston