River hunting good things happen to good people

It was one of those head for the river and do some metal detecting days. I parked my truck right beside the road where it crosses the river intending to walk upstream. I was putting my waders on when a pickup drove by and gave me the Minnesota wave and continued on.
Pretty soon he returned, rolled down his window and said I own quite a bit of property up stream, why don’t you park at my place and do some metal detecting.
I Followed him to his property, a spot I have been meaning to ask permission but didn’t know who owned the property and sure enough I could park right at the rivers edge. He then tells me to park there anytime and then pointed to a camper and said I keep a cooler there with beer and soda, just help yourself anytime. Now this is where the story gets interesting.


My very first signal from my XP Deus was this I phone watch, it was still running so I returned to my pickup and put it safe so it would stay dry. My next signal was a silver ring and the signal after that was a cell phone. Things were starting out well. I detected most of the day and and had a great session.

On the way home the watch started beeping. I looked at the watch and on the face it said this is my phone if found please return, there was a phone number to call.
When I got home I showed Jean the watch and told her that there was a phone number on the watch to call and this was going to be an easy return. I then headed for a much needed shower. I had just stepped out of the shower when our door bell rang. It was the owner of the watch. He was shopping in Detroit Lakes 10 miles away when his cell phone started beeping and showed him a map of the directions to our house. Jean answered the door because I was still getting dressed, He was very nervous and asked if we had found a watch. Apparently the watch was special to him and he insisted I take $20. I told him he didn’t have to pay me but he insisted.
Terry 2

As I’m writing this I happened to think what if the watch would have started beeping earlier he would have followed directions to a locked truck parked way off the road by the river.
T phone

Todays technology is scary.

T rings

Two silver rings, the best for the rest of the day. People sure treat me well and it seems like I experience the goodness in people every day. I try to treat people well and believe me that I am living proof that if you treat others with respect and kindness you are paid back ten fold.
By Terry Shannon
XP Team USA member