Reece finds a rare saxon coin

reece with his XP Deus
Congratulations to XP Deus user Reece Pickering, 17, from Great Yarmouth, who found this rare Saxon coin while detecting with his dad in Norfolk.
This silver penny dating back to 1106 is expected to fetch between £2,500 and £3,500 at auction.

Teenager finds rare coin with his XP metal detector

Reece was metal detecting in a farmer’s field when he found the Harold II silver penny, to date only 2 others have been recorded.The day had started off badly as all they were digging was rubbish, then Jonny noticed Reece shouting and waving from across the field.

Reece finds rare coin

As soon as they wiped away the dirt, they knew the discovery was something special.
Hopefully in time Reece and his father will make some more incredible finds on their permission.
Well done from the XP team