XP ORX field test hunting the Romans

We met up with long time XP Deus user Paul Bancroft for a day’s metal detecting, having never used an XP ORX we wanted him to test it from a new user’s perspective.

XP Paul ORX 2 moody sky

After switching on the ORX and WSA headphones Paul had the options of Coin Fast and Coin Deep, how simple was the Deus to ORX transition going to be using these 2 factory pre-set programs?
Paul started using Coin Deep and instantly noticed the machine was far too hot for his Iron laden Roman site, which was littered with small Roman hobnails.

Roman hobnail

His second choice was Coin Fast, the big grin on his face told me that was the right decision…. Let the hunt begin!

As Paul is very a competent metal detector tester, it was no surprise to see him investing more suspicious targets than usual just to get a feel for the machine and to find the contrast between Ferrous and Non-Ferrous, it is known as finding the machines limits or learning curve.
As expected Paul initially dug some Iron. Paul mentioned, he was fairly sure it was Iron before he dug it, it just had to be confirmed, it’s the only real way to quickly learning a new machine.

Arrow head

With the balance between Good and bad targets quickly asserted, the first good target sounded loud and clear amongst the low rumbling iron tones, after a small dig, his first ORX Roman coin appeared, it was a lovely Romulus and Remus suckling from the she-wolf.

Romulus and Remus coin

Within 30 minutes Paul had 5 Roman coins in the bag, it was time to get his thoughts.

10-minute coffee break – Paul’s ORX thoughts
To me the ORX is not a Deus, it feels like they have different characteristics.
For example the ORX sound delivery appears to be very punchy, I would say comparable to the Deus with a higher audio response.
Being a 2 tone man, the three tone audio was my biggest hurdle, but it didn’t take long to understand the ORX language, some Roman coins gave a mid-tone, some gave a high.
Loud and suspicious…. Iron, quiet and suspicious…. Possible deep coin!

Metal detecting with the XP ORX
Audio clarity was good, a coin always gave a sweet sound, some odd shaped non-ferrous gave a choppy mixed mid and high tone, I can only describe it as a square sound compared to a round sound of a coin.
Tricky deep misshaped Iron that catches a lot of machines out, it gave a louder much longer sound, along with the tell-tale audio stutter.

The menu was very easy to understand, adjustments could easily be made on the fly, the numeric target ID was bold and clear, although an XY screen would have been a nice touch, perhaps for the future. I found the available features and adjustments were more than adequate for any skill level.

Finding Roman coins with a metal detector

I am really looking forward to getting out more with the XP ORX, stay tuned for my part 2 ORX review.
You can see Paul’s first day testing the XP ORX by visiting the XP YouTube channel