XP ORX hot rock indentification

In this short metal detecting tutorial I want to talk about better identifying those pesky hot rocks when hunting for small Gold. I use the word better identifying because totally rejecting them can be very difficult if you are searching on HOT ground.

Hot rock identification by Gary BlackwellWhy do some people hear hot rocks and others don’t?
This is simply a matter of ground balance, hot rocks can be totally rejected using a ground balance of 87 and above, so when out metal detecting using the XP Deus or XP ORX factory discrimination modes you will never know when you are passing over a hot rock.
Watch the mineralization bar, it will always read high over hot rock

HOT Rock tips Min bar

However, when searching in highly mineralized ground this type of rejection is not as simple as it may sound.
If your ground is HOT, you will need to ground balance in order to obtain a smooth operation, and in most cases the set ground level may fall below the hot rock range.

GF matching ground numbers
Always ensure the ground numbers correspond when hunting for Gold on hot ground.

An exact ground balance is vital when nugget hunting always use the ground grab and make sure both numbers correspond, sadly hot rocks are in an abundance throughout gold bearing area’s.

Change reactivity

So what is the best way to identify hot rocks without loosing Gold?
The easiest way is to change the reactivity settings to allow a smooth operation on your ground once a correct balance has been obtained, the audio sound from hot rock changes depending on what reactivity level you choose.
With a little practice using the Gold modes on your XP, you will soon learn that the solid repeatable sound from a small Gold nugget is very different to the audio warble of hot rock.
Also be prepared to lower your sensitivity a little if required.

Stay tuned to the XP YouTube channel where we will soon upload a hot rock identification video.