More XP ORX Gold from Derbyshire

It was another one of those magical golden days for me metal detecting on a friend’s permission in the Yorkshire Dales with my trusty XP ORX.
It was a YouTube collaboration hosted by Mike & Shaun from The Metal Detecting Channel Vs (in a friendly way) myself aka The Dukes Of Derbyshire and my friend Jamie.

We commenced detecting around 8.30am on a gloomy Sunday upon a lovely green pasture hillside. I didn’t find anything for half an hour, my feet were saturated and I was beginning to think it was going to be ‘one of those days’. I decided to search the steepest area of the field near an old footpath that other detectorists might not have wanted to detect.  I got a sweet faint signal on my XP ORX set to Coin Fast, I opened up the clod and saw silver looking back at me. It was a beautiful Georgian complete silver cufflink. I got the boys over and said, “This would be find of the day!”

We carried on detecting for a couple hours finding the usual crusty coppers, buttons etc then I heard a shout from the distance. It was my mate Jamie shouting “Hammered!”, I had myself just opened up a plug, which I then abandoned along with my detector & spade. I ran to my friend on the other side of the hill, he had found a lovely James I hammered shilling. It had a fantastic portrait on and I was a little envious.

I headed back to my kit and the plug I had previously opened, the signal was a lovely sweet faint 92, something I would dig every time. That kind of signal would normally be a crusty Georgian copper or an old silver coin if it’s your lucky day! I dropped down to my knees and as I reached for my pinpointer, I saw it at the bottom of the hole around six to eight inches down; that spectacular sight we all dream of – GOLD! I could see a small portion of a coin, enough to know it was a gold coin!

ORX metal detector

I stood up and started screaming “MIKE!!.. REYNOLDS!!!… SHAUN!!!” I was screaming their names, shouting as loud as I possibly could for what felt like an eternity. When they finally arrived, we all crouched down in amazement as I carefully removed it from the hole. You could see that beautiful early milled edge pop out the hard soil. I quickly realised it was a George II Half Guinea. We sprayed it off and wiped it down to see that it was immaculate, a truly stunning coin.

Gareth with his Gold coin found with an XP metal detector

Jamie went back in the hole with his pinpointer and it starts beeping again, we all thought holy crap there could be more gold in there! I carefully extracted the second target to reveal a worn William III shilling. We went back in with the pinpointer and nothing so I went over it with my ORX and was still hitting a signal. I took another chunk out the bottom of the hole and boom another William III shilling. This one was also worn but bent into a love token. I had on my hands a simply stunning gold & silver early milled pocket spill, the stuff of dreams.

Gareths latest metal detector finds

I headed back to the car with my gold coin, opened up a nice fruity IPA and sat there feeling on top of the world. I didn’t really find much more for the rest of the day, but I did not care, I’d had one of the best days of my life (again).

Gareths Gold coin

I have said it many times before and I’ll say it again – there is no greater feeling in this world than detecting and recovering a gold coin from the Earth. In a few months, I will be a father for the first time, maybe that will surpass this feeling…

Gareth Millward
The Dukes of Derbyshire