When will it be my turn – a metal detectorists tale

You hear stories and see photos of metal detector users finding gold coins and artefacts all of the time and if you are anything like me you will read these stories and look at these photos and think to yourself when will it be my turn to find treasure….

Martin Gold Coin

Well late into 2019 I was out on a permission that I’ve hunted numerous times before with different brands of metal detectors, this was however the first time these fields had been available to detect since changing to the #XPORX. I’m walking along for two or three hours, finding the usual stuff, milled coins, buttons and moo tubes. I had just filled in my hole, maybe I’d found a moo tube or coin, I can’t remember exactly. I started swinging away again, waiting for the next beep and then it came, a crisp tone and reading of 84 on the ID screen, it could be a coin I thought so I started digging, right it’s out of the hole so I grabbed my Mi6 and started to search the spoil, to my utter surprise I could see gold. I was really excited now, I reached down and picked up the target, it was a beautiful North East Coast Stater dated around 50bc.

Martin ORX find

I couldn’t believe it, my first gold coin and it was an ancient one too. A true bucket lister for any detectorist and another great find by the Xp Orx which a couple of months earlier had found me a small Roman coin hoard.

Martins ORX finds

I went back to this farm a few times over the next month or two and in total I found four of these Celtic Staters on various fields, one being a very rare unstruck planchet. The Xp Orx was once again making my dreams a reality.

A Very happy Orx user, Martin.
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