Metal detecting events 2019 Lithuania and Bulgaria

Metal detecting news from Lithuania and the Baltic countries.

Lithuanian rally Tesora metal detectors
The metal detecting festival included a number of events, such as rally, competitions, free search and a test comparisons of metal detectors.
This is believed to have been the biggest event in Lithuania and the Baltic countries

Lithuanian rally people having fun metal detecting

Hobby lovers from the center and west of the country gathered to enjoy the entertainment and exchange experiences.
There were some fun events, even a special childrens pin pointrer hunt.

Lithuania XP rally fun and games
Some fantastic prizes were on offer, here are just a few of the lucky winners.

XP prize giving

The event was supported by XP, It was a well attended event thanks to everyone who helped it to be a success.
Everyone injoyed the friendly atmoshere.

Tesora metal detectors Lithuania rally organisers

Here is a video of the event
Lithuanian metal detecting event video 2019


Bulgarian logo

Metal detecting news from Bulgaria
The (BGNMHA) is a non-profit organization and was registered under the Bulgarian Law by the Sofia City Court in 2012.
This is a free and active association for people with an interest in Gold prospecting and Meteorite hunting.

people at the Bulgarian metal detecting event 2019

The association aims to make Gold prospecting and Meteorite hunting popular as a hobby and entertainment

Since its foundation the BGNMHA has over 3000 members, more than a 70% of them use metal detectors.

XP metal detectors Bulgaria

Every year the BGNMHA organizes a series of metal detecting and Gold panning rallies, shows and seminars all connected with the main points of the hobby.
At these meetings our members can make tests using special apparatus, on different specimens, which are supposed to be meteorites, others participate in organized metal detectors field tests, Gold panning, trainings, tombola, plus lots more !.
The event is always very well supported by the manufacturers, especially XP !

Bulgarian metal detecting rally 2019

The Bulgarian Gold Nugget and Meteorite Hunting Association 2019 event was sent in by Svetoslav from
Here is a video of the days events.
Bulgarian Gold Nugget and Meteorite Hunting Association event video 2019