It was a normal days detecting with my XP Deus finding a hoard was the furthest from my mind

I use an XP Deus and my detecting partner Dave uses an XP Goldmaxx Power, the XP Deus program I was using on the day was Deus fast 17khz, with no disc and full tones….better known as Gary’s HOT program

We sat and talked while visually surveying the field before our day’s detecting got underway

I walked up towards far end of field, Dave started at the entrance and we worked towards each other. After an hour of digging up lead and buttons it seamed like a normal day’s detecting, I walk slowly back towards  Dave .

dave 1

Then the XP Deus gave me a fantastic high tone with an 87 meter reading, After a couple of good digs up popped a lump of melted bronze. I had a quick look at it and then slipped it into my pocket , then a  few steps later I found another bit , to me they didn’t look very interesting just run of the mill lumps of anything .

dave 3

Then up popped a 3rd piece. I recognised this one it was a bit of Bronze age axe blade. I called Dave over and showed him my finds with a Big Smile, he couldn’t believe what I had found, I showed him the find spot and we both started getting are heads down and gridded the area….very soon we were digging up Bronze Age Treasure left right and centre.

dave 5 bis

Over the next 3 hours we managed to dig around 60 targets consisting of axe head blades, sword blade, pieces and pommel and lots of bronze lumps. Dave had an interesting piece of Chisel.

We then called the farmer and showed him the finds and the find area, he used his phone to plot the area using GPS, it was around 25M x 60M, we all has a short meeting and agreed the next plan of action was to inform the local FLO ( Finds liaison Officer ) they met up with us on site and logged our fantastic find as treasure.

We returned to site again with our XP metal detectors on the following Tuesday and found several more interesting Pieces .

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