XP High Frequency coil did it again !

After my two months my XP ORX trial ended I had to make a decision, do I buy an additional XP ORX to compliment my trusty XP Deus metal detector, or do I buy just an HF coil.
This was a difficult decision, I truly liked the new and lighter ORX body and its quick and intuitive way of navigating the settings.
After a lot of consideration I decided that purchasing an HF coil would be the smartest step in order to complete my existing setup (Deus + standard 22 coil) and add some advantages to my workflow. I went for the 9’’ round HF coil, the same one I used with the XP ORX, the same one which gave me some incredible results in just 2 sessions. I bought my HF coil and it was ready to put to work.

High frequency search coil for an XP metal detector

I chose to search in the same area, the same spot that offered me some very nice finds with the ORX during the past months.
I started my search using 50 kHz, Reactivity 2, Sens 94, Audio response 3, Silencer -1 and zero discrimination. I knew that the area had confirmed history as I recovered an ancient Thracian silver tetradrachm ‘’Thasos’’ type.

XP Deus high frequency coil review

Within a short time, I started to pick up iron signals, small fragments and all sorts of metal scrap. It was going to be a tough task.
With patience, I started to dig all the strong signals, recovering all sorts of undefined metal parts, but again, they were old. I was sure that something happened there, but I did not know if anything else could be there.
I picked up some strong 80-85 readings, all grouped together, as I sifted through the soil with my hand I felt that something was different the targets felt round.
I had discovered 4 more Thasos-type silver tetradrachms (147-72 BC) Thracian origin, being imitations made after the Greek Thasos ones. I was very happy, although not surprised, considering that from the same area I’ve previously recovered another such beautiful coin. Each coin has 16.7gr and 33mm, Dionysos on the reverse, and Hercules/Herakles on the obverse, with the greek writing ‘’Herakles liberator of Thasos’’.

XP HF coil finds ancient silver coins

An incredible sensation and another incredible XP experience. It was the best way to confirm that buying the 9’’ HF coil was a good choice.
The 4 coins were handed to the authority.
I could go on for another 2 pages, but there is no need, my conclusion is simple, and my advice to anyone who asks will be…..guys, go grab your HF coil!

 Thanks, once more XP!
Alexander ‘’White Beard’’ Sorescu
#Note : This article was written before the Covid-19 outbreak.