Franco and Steve discover Roman Gold and Silver

Back in November 2019 on a local metal detecting club dig in West Sussex, Steve and myself stumbled upon a treasure find of a lifetime.
We were both using our XP Deus detectors with X35 coils on a pasture field when we started getting some concentrated signals over a 10m x 10m area.
It wasnt long before we knew that something good was happening, I will let the pictures speak for themslves.


All the items are with British museum as we speak

Our XP Deus set up

I prefer using the 9” X35 coil, Steve uses the 11” X35 coil, we both use the same #XPDeus program, it is a tweaked deep program :
Disc 5.0, 2 tones, Sens 95 reduce if unstable, tx power 1,  frequency 11, iron vol 0, Reactivity 2, Silencer -1, audio resp 3.
Most of the signals were deep, we are sure there are more coins, perhaps deeper down in that area, we have been using the XP Deus full for just over a year.


Steve and Franco