Detectorist makes a beautiful discovery and re unite it with its owners

During my vacation, I decided to go to the ocean near Hossegor. I took a sticky note along with me offering advice from Rodolphe Moulie. The note contained optimized ORX settings that would work on wet sand, as I usually detect in fields and forests these would indeed be helpful.

My detecting sessions

During my first outing on the beach, I was surprised to see that the ORX was stable on the wet sand and its sounds were a bit different. It was a little bit disruptive at first, but as I became familiar with the sounds I started to make finds: a rubbish bracelet, coins, …
Later, I decided to go back for a second detecting session. I refined some settings, selected the GOLD SALT mode, and found some coins, including a 1-franc coin and a costume silver ring. Those tips were helpful!
On my third outing, I decided to go closer to the water. It was at this moment I heard a strange sound, with a conductivity index going from 30 to 50. I had a good feeling, so I dug down about 40 centimeters. It was not easy as the wet sand was collapsing.

Then the target started to move in the water, it was really strange. I wanted to give up, but I continued to dig energetically to put away as much sand as I could. Finally, I succeeded and got the target…. which surprised me! It was a recent GoPro camera! I tried to turn it on, and then it surprised me again…it was working! The screen was a little bit split and the battery uncharged.
I hurried back to my apartment to try and make it work. Unfortunately, while trying to open it to charge it, I noticed that the battery was overheating (probably because of the sand and humidity).

The beginning of the research: not giving up!

Back from my holiday, I decided to see what was on the SD card, and that was when I discovered videos of a smiling family. This family had a German or Dutch accent, there was a little girl full of life and a pregnant woman, then the birth of another little girl. I also found a video of a road trip in a converted truck, then finally the videos filmed at Hossegor.
At this moment, I only had one thing on my mind: and that was to find this family!
First of all, I started searching with the help of the license plate of the truck. To do so, I asked a policeman friend to help me, but between France and Germany, there was no information about this.
I only knew that the license plate was from Germany.
Then, the next day, I watched the videos of the GoPro all over again. In one of the videos, I noticed a restaurant. Immediately, I searched on Google and found the name of a city: Desdren.
After this discovery, I decided to dig a bit more. One of the girls appeared with a sports wear with an inscription saying “Emma” and the number 26. I then looked on Facebook for all of the sport clubs of Desdren but none of them looked similar to the jersey on the video.
The following day, I continued searching for new details. Suddenly, a photo caught my attention. It was one of the girls coloring, and there was a tag on her pencil case. I zoomed in x10, and then an adrenaline rush filled me: At last I was on a solid lead!
There was written “Emma Wiedemann 2c”.
Unfortunately, I did not find anything on Facebook or the internet… I then kept sending messages with 3 photos to each of the Facebook profiles that had the same last name that were living in Desdren.
The answers were negative…some people informed me that this last name was really popular and that Desdren was a big city. Besides, this jersey belonged to the national soccer team, I was disappointed that I did not find more information.

Investigations finally rewarded

But I did not give up! I searched up everything I could about Desdren, and I finally got on a local newspaper page. Without hesitation, I gave it a shot and sent them a message explaining the whole story.
Soon, a journalist answered me and started asking me many questions. He looked like he was really involved and supported my approach, and even asked me for more photos.
2 hours later, he contacted me and sent me the article that he wrote. I was really moved because he told me that this article was going to be published in the national newspaper! Finally, a breakthrough!
When I translated the article, the journalist praised me, it really touched me and I thanked him. The views of my article kept going up throughout the day.
Then, at 5 pm, I got a message from the journalist saying “we got the name of the mother”, I was so happy! Later, I got a new message “the father contacted us, he is going to contact you next”, I was really looking forward to it!
Finally, after an hour’s wait, I received a message from the father of the family. He thanked me a few dozens times and told me that his wife was in tears, that her phone would not stop ringing because many people recognized them.


We exchanged messages, I explained my motivation behind this, and that I also have a family and that I know the value of certain memories. All this time spent searching for details brought me into their adventure.
A friendship began to develop, he told me that it was their first time travelling to France and that they would gladly come back next year. That was when I started organizing an additional stop by my place, in their next trip.

All of this to say, that sometimes in the detecting world, the value of the objects do not depend on age or material, but the value that you give when you return them.
Personally, this adventure filled me with happiness and made me full of emotions that are difficult to transcribe into writing. So intense, only from a GoPro.

Rémi Caubet.

This article was inspired by Rémi Caubet forum post