An inexhaustible treasure?

Shaun Perry and John Brown contacted us about 10 month ago to tell us very shortly their story:

“Hi there, I was wondering if you would like to share a story of the mighty DEUS. (…) A friend of mine -John – contacted me saying he had found something special and wanted me to see if he had missed anything. He had already covered the ground for over 2 weeks digging everything. He picked me up with my DEUS. I tuned it up for the small stuff, to cut a long story short after 2 hours I had found 4 short cross pennies, 8 cut halves and 3 cut quarters all deeper than 6 inches on dry pasture. He was amazed at what he had missed, in total we have found 52 hammered coins.”

composé john and sid 1

They put their story on youtube : : .

Of course XP is interested by all your nice stories. So we keep in touch with Sid. By the way, we discovered a passionate guy: passionate by detection but also passionate by the DEUS. And ready to share all his tips with others. You can have a look on his web site : you will know everything about his way to find hammies!

Later, Sid will tell us about that day “i discovered an extra 27 hammered coins that John had missed, which in my book is very bloody impressive. All the coins came up out of an area of about 15 square meters. Currently, they are in the Birmingham museum under the treasure act getting recorded.”

And it is not over! End of last year, Sid and John discovered the new 11” DEUS coil so they have to test it: “after getting the new 11″ coil, i went back!!! to see if after hours upon hours of covering the small area with the 13″ coil the new coil would make a difference… and yes it did, I just found another 4 hammered coins, I know it don’t sounds a lot but to get that out after the bashing me and john have gave the permission is very impressive.” About the DEUS, Sid is a great speaker also. Let’s listen the man: “The 11″ coil is the coil of choice for me now. Why i hear you ask, well here goes… It is big enough for great ground coverage yet it is still small enough to get in among the trashy areas. It’s as light as the small coil, it does everything that you need it to do. Unlike the other 2 coils, which are amazing coils but are better used in situations when they are needed.

i.e. on a roman site where you come into a small area where the trash content is everywhere may be a possible dwelling, you would have to use the 9 inch stock coil which comes into its own in this type of situation when in a trashy area. The 13″ coil on a very old ridge and furrow pasture area that hasn’t been ploughed for a very long time, this is where the large coil is amazing great coverage and will punch deep on the targets deep below on the hard pack soils.

composé john and sid 2

A DEUS great speaker I told you …

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