An incredible but peculiar find for Kyle Beukes

Sunday 6th of September, a regular weekend dig that Kyle, Leon & Thys get up to. The “Three Musketeers” that make up ZARRPS (ZAR Relic Protectors) Metal Detecting YouTube channel from South Africa. Kyle went out swinging the XP ORX for the very first time and set the machine on coin fast to get the hang of it. From the get-go, he found the ORX very easy to use and short before long was pulling out some great finds.

“We specifically went out to a spot that has been hit hard in the past to try and see what the machine can do” – Says Leon. “Some of the normal items we find such as bullet casings and shrapnel was quickly followed by some trouser buttons, a very nice pipe cover and then a Boer War period Scots Guards Tunic Button. The tunic button was a special find. It was found in an area we have walked over many times before, but the ORX managed to sniff out the signal.”

The button was dug out at a depth of at least 20-25cm.

A relic in South Africa

The guys decided to move to a different area that has produced some good finds in the past but is a large and difficult site to dig. Ground conditions are very hard, the grass is long, and with most holes, you need a small pickaxe to retrieve your target. A few minutes in Leon got a call over the radio from an excited Kyle. He had found something amazing. The ORX had managed to find a snake buckle. Snake buckles are not that unusual to find among Boer War relics, however this snake buckle was completely different. Instead of the double “gooseneck” pattern that is rather common, this was a very clear snake head and body.

After some research, a similar buckle was found online referring to the pattern as a U.S confederate snake buckle. During the Boer War, quite a few American soldiers were fighting against the Boers but also for the Boer cause.

“We find a lot of U.S buttons. Rumours have it that the South African Government had purchased American surplus uniforms, but I have been unable to confirm this.” – Leon

Regardless, an incredible find made by Kyle on his first day out swinging the XP ORX machine.

“After quite a few hours now under my belt with the ORX, I honestly feel that I have the best relic machine on the market.” – Kyle Beukes