A Viking treasure

This time we’ve been contacted by 3 friends from Denmark. One of them Morten Nielsen told us:

“Here is an amazing and anecdotic story about my best find, incidentally with my best friend’s DEUS:

Lars Birch Kristensen was such good friend that he loaned it me because as he said “ NOW you have got a chance to find some silver while I am away”.

I understood I was privileged that I could loan it while he was away working. It was on a new site that was an early middle-age hemp factory. I wandered around a while and it was getting dark so I was thinking of going back home. Then, I saw a piece of flint that caught my eye and this little pond over there, at the end of the field. I went over and when I was approximately 20 meters from the edge of the field, the Deus told me there was something in the ground, something solid. I squatted down and started digging and brushing off the clay while wondering what I had found. The first thing I noticed was that is was shining! Only silver and gold shine after being in the ground for many years.

But I still didn’t have any idea what it was. I made a note, put it in my pocket and went on 15 meters in the same direction when the detector had some funny “ghostsignals”. I had to see what it was. It was straight ahead amongst dirt and clay. It seemed to be a kind of frame for fixing two walls together (I’m a builder) until I got the clay off and saw the ornamentation around it. I went on 2 meters and then the Deus started screaming 86 solid (silver). I had found a Viking treasure: 7 armbands one after the other. I decided to stop because I wanted to let the museum and the archeologists know of the find without disturbing anything. But I found 3 more on the way back to the car. It was time to turn the detector off.

I advised the museum of my find the same evening, and the next morning they went through the roof when they saw my finds and I told my story. Immediately thereafter another team came in cars to the site. I also called my good friend and detector partner Per Jensen (also a Deus man) to come and help out.

The whole day progressed with more finds: 19 bracelets found. A dig was planned by the museum for the following day. We, of course, got invited to participate, and we were on. The following day we found 1 ¾ ring in the digout with the museum. Aprox 300m2 got digged out and measured in with GPS and so on.

2 looooong hot days were over, leaving me back with a big grin on my face. Thinking on what my friend Lars told me about finding silver ! He was right, it most certainly found silver. Now I found no way back, I HAD TO HAVE MY OWN XP…

And a couple of weeks after, Lars came home back so I had to go, get my own DEUS. Looking over my right shoulder looking at MY XP Deus, I again can’t help smiling because who knows, I might have never found my 2,2 pound Viking silver without it. And now who knows what I’m going to find with my DEUS”.

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