XP Deus the sound of success

There are very few metal detectors on the market that give you the freedom of the XP Deus, you may think I am referring to the wireless capabilities and the true bliss of having no wires.
But I am referring to the wide range of user adjustments available in the expert menu and some buried a little deeper.

Audio Tones
One of the most important roles to detecting success is your hearing, how many of you out there have experimented with your Deus tone frequencies,
Many just use the standard factory settings, which are a good choice, it’s worth considering, as we get older our hearing can be less sensitive to tones and tonal levels, some suffer form industrial or work deafness which can leave a certain tonal range missing from their hearing spectrum.
All is not lost because there is a whole new XP Deus audio world out there, once you have found an audio setting to suit your taste, great things can happen!

Not only will you hear the signal in a tone of your choice, but it can also keep you alert for longer.
Imagine listening to a sound you are not comfortable with for hours, it will drain you mentally, where as a comfortable sound will be much easier to tolerate.
Experimenting is the key to learning the Deus, get involved and make some personal changes to your audio | Menu – Discrimination – Expert.

XP Deus audio talk

Audio Response
Still on the subject of hearing let’s talk about the signal audio response.  This setting works in harmony with your audio tone setting and the same principles apply regarding attention time, in brief the audio response will give a better perception of depth via the audio level of a target, the lower settings will give a much softer sound on deep or small targets and a brighter sound on large or shallow targets, the higher settings will give the same audio level on all targets, small, large, deep and shallow. It may be worth noting a high audio response will not add extra physical depth, it will only enhance the sound…

I have found it’s best to set your audio preferences in the field, for some reason if I set my audio at home it never sounds the same when I’m out detecting.

Some Deus programs warrant a higher audio response setting to enhance certain adjusted features, such as my new Sonar program which is featured at the top of this post, although in the video I did mention that high tones and a high audio volume may eventually caramelise your brain.

If you are hard of hearing a higher audio response will offer a big advantage, I have also noticed some after market headphones require a higher audio response settings, as a stronger sound is needed to drive the speakers. Personally I would choose genuine XP headphones every time, the signal resonance is second to none.

So if you are out in the field and you find your concentration drops and you may want to take a look at the audio options on your Deus.

Gary Blackwell