The ORX Hashtag button

The ORX metal detector has a new function, it is called the hashtag button, you will see it is located in the top right of the panel, the # button is very important as it has a dual function.

Function 1
Program select mode – To access the programs press once to scroll through the 4 factory programs and 2 user saved programs.

XP ORX selecting programs
Once your chosen program is displayed there is no need to make any further button presses, the ORX is ready to detect.

Function 2
Salt mode – To access the Salt mode press and hold the Hashtag button for 3 seconds and the word “Salt” will appear on the screen next to the right of the frequency read out.
To torn the salt mode OFF repeat the same procedure.

ORX selecting salt mode
Salt mode changes some internal parameters and allow smoother detection on area’s such as black sand and some wet beaches, in some cases lowering the sensitivity will also help.