Metal detecting rally in Romania turns up some surprises

Every year since 2014, the ‘’Pro Detectie’’ association gathers numerous metal detectorists together for a national rally, which is always a great opportunity to make friends and spend some quality time with our comrades in hobby.

We, the members of the Romanian Military Archeology team, are all members of the ‘’Pro Detectie’’ association, so the annual meeting is the perfect occasion for testing new gear and to answer the questions from those who are interested in Militaria metal detecting (WW1/WW2 areas where military conflicts took place).

This year’s meeting gathered more than 100 people so, as you could imagine, there were many questions and technical discussions related to all sorts of machines, coils, probe pointers and so on. During 2017, five members of our team chose the XP Deus, and four others have placed orders.

That being said, I must add that we have unknowingly become XP Deus ambassadors among our MD community, because we are so impressed by its versatility and performance, we never miss an opportunity to show people how it performs and the advantages it has over many other machines on today’s competitive market.

During the three days spent at the MD rally, we managed to meet other XP users, so we were glad to share programs, hints and tips, and offer them some XP hats, shirts and rain covers. The rally was also the context for our first tests with the MI-6 probe, we were glad to present it live to a curious audience, who until then had only seen the MI-6 online.

Unfortunately, the weather was not on our side, during our three-day event we had very short time in the fields. With several small teams distributed in a large area produced some good results even though the time was short. In the only day with bearable weather, we scored some nice little finds, from an area with mixed ground and modern contamination. We were aware about the WW1 and modern junk around the spot, but what happened changed everyone’s day.

Most of us use a customised Deus Fast program, and alternated to the Deep program (which comes pre-installed on the V4 firmware), we use the Deep program in order to better define the deeper signals; Alternating between two considerably different programs is just one-click away on the Deus, for us those two programs are the perfect combination. Among the first signals, we recovered a German belt buckle made out of brass, dating from the WW1 period; a very loud, clear and stable 90 signal, at about 10cm depth, you can’t miss that.

Some silver coins (Romanians, Austrian, Hungarian dating ’800/‘900) were found on a slope, all of them in tricky positions. When we suspected that some faint signals could have been in fact something good, we pumped the audio response to 5, in order to get a harder response and a more punchy signal; that way we were able to locate and recover the coins.

We also found a bronze ring (probably medieval) and not far from it a surprise: a fragment from an ancient bronze Celtic axe. We were pretty satisfied with the finds, and everyone become more relaxed, and just enjoyed the rest of the day.

While out detecting, we heard someone screaming in the walkie-talkies, we immediately thought that it could be a bear attack.

But before starting to panic, we heard laughter also…more and more laughter, and Florin’s voice calling us in a hurry to his location.

Long story, short: Not far away from our pic-nick spot, Florin, one of our team members, made an incredible discovery: not less than a Medieval Templar sword, in an incredible good shape, solid iron!

Yes, we must admit that we couldn’t resist the temptation to place the sword in a rotten log for just one picture… (no sword was harmed during the procedure, don’t try this at home!)

No need to specify any settings in the sword case…he dug the very high irony signal only because the place was otherwise extremely clean, so he was curious to see what could have been there giving such a signal. I must also admit that it’s almost a myth inside our group…it looks like very often the Deus leads us to incredible situations and discoveries, like a psychic medium!! :) Anyway, the sword was located at 15cm of depth, in its surroundings nothing else was discovered; the exact location was reported to the authorities.

All the finds were donated to the local museum of history; The sword is now in the reconditioning process and it will be exhibited within the museum’s 2018 exhibitions.

We want to thank XP for all the support and confidence in our work!
What can we say about working with XP products… it’s beautiful because it’s easy.

Michele & Daniel from the ‘’Pro Detectie’’ Association and the Romanian Military Archeology Team

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