2 Bronze aged axe heads

Sue had an amazing find with her XP Deus when she attended the Southern Seekers metal detecting event in Salisbury, well I say an amazing find, it was actually amazing finds. She found not one but two Bronze aged axe heads less than a foot apart.
The day started off very quiet, Sue used her XP Deus on the Deep program it wasn’t long before the machine gave a suspicious signal with a disrupted XY line with several angles, but once she worked the coil over the exact centre it was soon apparent that it was worth digging, but she had no idea it would be treasure.

The XP Deus metal detector can find deep treasure
At about 9″ deep she instantly knew what it was looking back at her…A Bronze aged axe head in fantastic condition, once the celebration was over with her husband Chris she hit another signal just inches away, it was another axe head.
Quickly the marshals marked an area for them to search, others looked on as they scanned the area for more targets, sadly nothing else came up.

Look at this amazing ancient treasure found with an XP Deus metal detector

I cant believe my luck Sue said she picked up lots of information from the XP skill School day near Newbury organised by Leisure Promotions and believes it really helped her become confident with the XP Deus.

Sue finds ancient treasure from the Bronze age
The axe heads are believed to be middle bronze age and known as Palstave would have been made in a mould, not long back one of our XP testers Gary Cook found an in tact axe mold which is a very rare find.

Rare bronze aged axe head molds found with an XP Deus
Once moulded they would have possibly been tethered to a wooden handle with leather then a tree resin applied to harden the fixing, Ash was a common wood used back then.
Here is an interesting article about axes through the ages  The History of the Axe

XP Deus metal detectors | Another treasure story
Because 2 items have been found it is declared as treasure, Sue now has 14 days to report the find to her local FLO or the Museum.

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