New Wireless headphone WS3

Our new WS3 wireless headset doesn’t replace the actual WS1 but affords a new model to fit the wishes of all detectorists.
It uses the same electronic circuit than the WS1 and works exactly the same way. It affords two switchable channels (Ch1/Ch2) to stop interference between detectorists. The choice of the channel of reception is done simply by simultaneously pressing during 3 seconds the two volume switches (+ and -). AUTO OFF mode protects the lithium battery from deep discharges by automatically switching off the WS1 after 5 hours without use.




  • Two switchable channels (Ch1/Ch2) to stop interference between detectorists
  • Sound quality matches wired headphones
  • Digital microprocessor transmission with no white noise or background hiss
  • Adjustable volume with memory
  • The headphones feature a charger connector
  • Built in extra flat rechargeable Lithium battery, without memory effect
  • 50 hours battery life
  • Fast Lithium charger: 2 hours

Made in France



XP detectors prides itself on developing new and innovative products both high in quality and extremely durable, all engineered and developed in France.


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