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We are pleased to introduce another new product from XP, it is called the MI-4 pin point probe. Designed to be used by all prospectors at an attractive price, the MI-4 is equipped with the same MI-6 features without the Deus radio connection.

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The MI-4 is offered at a competitive price and packed with features compared to other pin point probes in this price range :

    • Rechargeable lithium battery
    • Waterproof up 6 meters
    • 2 audio modes (Pitch / Pulse)
    • 6 programs and 3 levels of sensitivity
    • LED , vibration , Loudspeaker ON/OFF
    • Rotating holster
    • Ergonomic rubber hand grip
    • 2 year-warranty
    • Made in France

miniature_mi6_adMI-6 advert

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