Update DEUS 3.1


The version 3.1 is now available. This revision fixes some points of the 3.0 update. If you already have installed the version 3.0 recently, you do not need to reinstall the DEUS UPDATE software on your PC. The software that you have already downloaded will automatically search for the newest update on our XP server when you launch it.

If you are currently using version 2.0, then you should simply download and install the DEUS UPDATE from here:


The fixes are:

– The ground balance adjustment in non-motion mode is faster (the increment or decrement of the setting was a little slow).

– The display of the mineralization strength from the main menu has been adjusted. The scale is now more representative of the mineralization level.

– The display of the frequencies (4/8/12/18 kHz) on the headphone has been fixed (Previously, in some cases the headphone could display a different frequency while the real frequency was 4 kHz).

– The audio volume of the headphone is now saved when you turn the unit off.

– The beach mode (GB > BEACH YES) had a malfunction when changing the GB value, it is now fixed.

– The SILENCER (REACTIVITY > EXPERT) is adjusted so as to follow the value of the version 2.0 in the factory programs using REACTIVITY 0, 1 or 2.

Remember that: For the program DEUS FAST as well as with REACTIVITY 3, 4 and 5, the target separation after an iron is greatly improved. The SILENCER is adjusted at -1, because at similar SILENCER LEVEL (-1 and 0), the discrimination is better with the version 3 than with version 2. At the same time the target separation effect is greatly improved. This is a big advantage of the version 3 for those searching in nail or trash infested areas. In either case you can always increase the SILENCER setting to about 2 like before to reach an even better iron rejection.

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