ORX metal detector your questions answered

XP ORX your questions answered
You may have some questions regarding the ORX metal detector from XP – Here are some questions we are regularly asked.


Q: What is the RC

A: The RC is the control unit, some refer to it as a PDA or the controller

Q: Does the ORX use the same settings as the Deus.

A: Coin fast is almost exactly the same as Deus Fast, it uses an active silencer depending on your reactivity settings. Coin Deep replicates the Deus deep program 6, it uses no silencer regardless of your reactivity settings.

Q: What is the difference between Coin Deep and Coin Fast.

A: Exactly what it says, Coin Fast will be better used amongst iron as it has a faster reactivity and a different iron filter.
Coin deep can be better suited on cleaner land as the settings used can give a little bit more depth, Coin Deep has less filtering than Coin Fast and punches a little harder.
*Note : Coin Deep can be used on difficult iron contaminated ground if you are experienced with the ORX sounds.

Q: Why does the ORX have 2 coin modes and 2 Gold modes.

A: XP wanted the ORX to be suitable for a wider range of search areas, usually highly mineralised Gold bearing area’s will require a different machine, XP wanted to combine both options into the one product..

Q: The ORX factory pre-set discrimination is 7, is it possible to lower this discrimination to get better performance if needed.

A: Yes, you can run the discrimination as low as 5 and still reject most iron.

Q: The Deus uses a discrimination level which goes down to – 6.4, the ORX only goes down to zero is this the same.

A: If you turn the ORX discrimination down to 0 this will eliminate the iron tone and iron will now give a mid-tone.
Mid and High tones will still react the same way on high and low conductivity targets, the target ID will still work as normal giving numbers based on target conductivity.

Q: What is the deepest mode on the ORX.

A: The deepest mode will be the Gold mode as it uses less filtering, however please take care when hunting for deep targets in sensitive areas.
1. This may be against the law.
2. Areas of military activity, as some buried artillery/ bombs can still be dangerous.
Please use ALL metal detectors responsibly.

Q: Is the XP Deus deeper than the ORX.

A: Typically search coils and site conditions determine depth, the ORX is a high performance metal detector, however the Deus has more available internal adjustments allowing the user to fine tune their machine for different search scenarios.

Q: Does the ORX have target ID norm on or off.

A: The ORX has target ID norm ON all the time.

Q: Is the ORX updatable.

A: Yes the ORX is fully updatable just like the Deus (PC only).

Q: Do I have to ground balance with the ORX all the time.

A: No the factory default is more than adequate for most of your inland searching.

Q: My ground balance reading displays dash dash (- – ) on the screen, why is it not showing numbers.

A: This is for two reasons
1. You may not have a sufficient ground echo to generate a number indicating your ground is not mineralised
2. If you stop sweeping the coil the ground balance reading will resort to dash dash (- – ) and the factory default setting of 88 will be engaged.

Q: My ORX has no mains charging plug just a USB cable what do I use to charge it.

A:  Any good USB quality phone charger or a wall mounted USB outlet will be more than adequate.
* Note – Some laptops may not give sufficient power to charge all 3 elements at the same time (Headphones – Coil – RC), only one or two at a time.

Q: Can I use the MI-6 pin pointer wireless connectivity with the ORX.

A: Yes the ORX is fully compatible with the MI-6 and it’s available options, such as the advanced MI-6 menu and the research mode.

Q: Does the ORX have a volume control on the RC.

A: No the ORX does not have a volume control on the RC, only the WS Audio headphones have a volume control.

Q: Can the ORX be used under water.

A: The coil can be submerged using the accessory aerial kit but the control box will require the waterproof case. The WS Audio headphones are shower proof.

Q: Can I use the ORX on wet sand.

A: Yes it can be used on wet sand although you will need to activate the “Salt” mode this is done by pressing and holding the hashtag button for a 2 seconds and you will see “Salt” appear on the screen, also you may need to drop the sensitivity down little to compensate for any false signals.

Q: How do I save my custom settings into an empty user slot.

A: Starting from your adjusted program go into options (Top left) scroll down to programs choose user 5 or 6, then just press options (Top Left) to validate and save your custom settings.

Q: Can I name the 2 user programs.

A: No they are just referred to as user 5 and user 6.

Q: Does the ORX have a backlight.

A: Yes the ORX has a timed backlight – Options – Configuration – Backlight.

Q: Can I use the Gold programs for coin and Relic hunting.

A: Yes providing you are aware that the Gold programs operate in a slightly different way to the Coin Fast and Coin Deep programs.

Q: Will the GoTerrain app be compatible with the ORX.

A: Yes the software is already installed, we will announce on our media when it will be available to use.

Search Coils

Q: I have just purchased a new ORX, the HF coil needs attaching to the lower stem, is there a correct procedure.

A: Yes indeed, we have a step by step video showing how this is done.

Q: Will the original Black coils work with the ORX.

A: No only the X35 and HF coils are compatible.

Q: Can I use the X35 low frequency boost mode when combined with the ORX.

A: No this is not possible at this moment in time.
* Note – The normal low frequency mode combined with Coin Deep is already a very powerful setting.

Q: If I use the HF and the X35 coils on the Deus and then use the same coils on the ORX will it transfer the programs from the coil to the machine or will there be any difference in performance.

A: No, the coils are independent to the RC, information will not be transferred between machines.

Q: Is it normal for the coil light to flash even when the machine is turned off.

A: Yes, this is this is normal, the coil is in standby mode, when you turn the machine on the coil will wake up.

Q: Do I still have the Deus frequency choices when I use the HF or the X35 coils with the ORX.

A: Yes, you have the full range of frequency choices and offsets when using these coils with the ORX.


Q: Will the WS Audio headphones be compatible with my XP Deus.

A: No, the WS Audio headphones are not compatible with the Deus however you can use as many sets of WS Audios on the ORX as you want – For example if you search with a friend and you want to share the ORX experience you can pair 2 sets of WS Audios on the one machine.

Q: How can I tell if the WS Audio headphones have a good battery level.

A: When you turn on the WS Audios the light with flash once for low battery twice for medium battery or 3 times for full battery power – When you turn the ORX RC off the headphones will also turn off at the same time.

Q: Can I use after market headphones with the ORX.

A: Yes there are two ways of doing this providing the headphones have a 3.5 mm jack.
1. Plug the headphones directly into the base of the ORX underneath the rubber cap (It is advised you use headphones with an in-line volume control).
2. Slide off the WS Audio module from the headphone band and use the accessory horseshoe adaptor plate, then plug your headphones into the adaptor plate.

Q: How do I pair the WS Audio headphones to the ORX.

A: Make sure the headphones are switched OFF – From your RC go into – Options (Top Left) scroll down to –  Headset –  Select –  you will see the pairing screen, now with the headphones switched OFF press and hold the minus button on the WS Audio headphones and the pairing sequence will begin, it only takes a few seconds.

Q: Will I have to pair the headphones every time.

A: No the ORX will remember your headphones the next time it is switched on.

Q: Can I use the ORX with just the WS Audio the headphones and no RC.

A: No the ORX WS Audio headphones are just receivers, the controller is always needed.

Q: Can I use the ORX without headphones.

A: Yes the RC has a built in speaker.

Sales – Safety

Q: Is my our ORX safe to take on an aircraft because it has lithium batteries.

A: Yes, it is quite safe to take this product onto an aircraft all the battery information is on page 18 of your instruction manual, it may be worth taking a photograph of this with your phone or include the manual if you’re travelling.

Q: I have a pacemaker fitted is it safe to use the XP wireless technology with a pacemaker.

A: The XP Deus and ORX comply with all electromagnetic and electronic regulations, so there is no danger.
As a precaution it is advised to keep your coil about 50 centimetres from your pace maker.

Q: Is the price quoted inclusive of WS Audio headphones, also what coil is included.

A: There are different ORX options available, please check with your reseller.

Q: Can I buy an ORX directly from XP.

A: No sorry we do not sell direct, we operate a worldwide distributor/dealer network who take care of new sales and after sales service, distributor information is on our web site.

Q: Why is it so important to keep my original bill of sale.

A: Your bill of sale is proof of your warranty, if you buy a used XP product always insist on the original bill of sale (Or a copy) XP warranty 5 years part and labour!

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